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I Am Woman Watch Me Multitask

December 22, 2008

It’s no secret that women are excellent multitaskers.  And yes, that is a word Word.  I have no doubt that we are wired that way to specifically handle all of the various things that fall on our plate.  Men, well, they can multitask too (but that’s a closely held secret, manly multitasking is only to be utilized for video games and other leisure related things).  So tonight was the ultimate display of my multitasking skills.  I was in the middle of making dinner, spaghetti and turkey meat sauce, and I saw an opportunity to play a little Wii tennis.  Being that my skills have increased so much my opponents were more than worthy causing me to up my game.  “Swing, swing, back hand, serve…..check the sauce….swing, swing, win…..put in the noodles…..swing…PHONE CALL…, swing, swing, talk, pause, check the noodles, hang up, win, DINNER IS READY!”  All the while Chad, the dog and my sister sat happily doing one thing at a time – which was nothing.

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