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Katherine’s Secret

December 23, 2008

So when was the last time you really watched a Victoria’s Secret commercial (boys, you are not allowed to answer).  Seriously.  I may or may not be watching The Hills at the moment and I happened to actually watch an entire commercial (since I couldn’t wait until later which would have allowed me to fast forward through all the boring fluff so I could get straight to the good fluff).  Anyway, you only need to glance at one of their catalogs these days to know that the average girl doesn’t lounge around in her bra and underwear, nor does she have that “I just got out of the ocean and let my hair dry in the sun” look.  So back to this commercial.  I can’t remember the last time I ran in slow motion through my mansion in a giant red ball gown skirt and a matching bra throwing small packages to my best girlfriends who were wearing equally glamorous garb.  Oh wait, maybe last New Year’s……no, no, that wasn’t it…..perhaps it was my last birthday….or that random Saturday afternoon…..nope, it’s official I have never done anything of the sort.  But I will still buy my standard 5 for $25 this year and probably a pair of PJs too.  But something tells me I won’t look quite as sexy as the VS models in my glasses, tube socks and no makeup.


P.S. Did you just listen to Heidi give her explanation of the time and space theorem?  Um, wait, rewind, what was that Heidi?  You feel like you are 19 and time keeps passing….and then you pass out……and everything keeps moving…..and then you get surgeries…..and then, wait – what?  It’s just enough to make your little bleach blonde head spin in circles!  And yet, even if you only feel 19 trust me, you aren’t, and in 3 years you will wake up and all the sudden you will be 45.  It just happens like that.


P.P.S. That darn commercial is on again.  I get it, you are beautiful and you like to wear your bra with no shirt. 


P.P.P.S. I think I might have to watch Bromance just so I can make fun of it.

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