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Just Relaxing

December 26, 2008

Is it bad that Christmas is not even technically over and I am already plotting about when I am going to take down my décor and how I am going to organize it and that I will probably need to do a good cleaning at the same time and that next year I will supervise Chad in his outdoor decorating and probably sketch out a visual for him beforehand and that I vow to have a real live holiday cocktail party next year (schedules be darned) and that I am thinking about table decorations and how I want to do more Christmas cards next year as I type.  Yeah, it’s probably bad.  This is what happens, this is what I do.  I skip over days, months, and even years in anticipation of what is to come.  I plot, plan, think and envision myself right out of the present.  Chad sees it as the little bit of crazy that makes me endearing (at times) but I see it as an overextension of my strengths.  At any rate it just can’t be good to live so far in the future.  Who are those people that live in the moment, make last minute decisions, and are easy going?  Who are they and when are they going to show up to teach me how to do the same!  I’ve always dreamed of being that laid back cool chick who everyone can just chill with….but I end up being the high strung mom-type instead (dang it).  Despite my best efforts I can’t help but stress about being late, fret over proper coaster usage, and cringe on the inside when people insist on putting “at” at the end of every sentence (“Where did you get that AT?” is not necessary, see “Where did you get that?” works just fine).

Anyhow, I am not quite sure of the purpose of this particular rant other than to keep me from taking down the Christmas tree and writing out my cards for next year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas – it’s time to start writing out your New Year’s resolutions!  One of mine is to start living in the moment more and stop stressing about the future.  So I had better get going on that list, otherwise I might find myself in the middle of March not having accomplished anything, eek!  (Crap, I am already failing.)


P.S. It would be totally awesome if I could STOP being sick.  I was sick, then well for about 5 days, and now I am sick again, and I had this horrible headache all day today (Merry Christmas).  So yeah, it would help if the weather would level out – either be cold or hot TEXAS, get a hold of yourself!

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