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New Year’s Eve If You Please

January 6, 2009

New Year’s Eve – so many expectations, so much hype, and every year there’s a big “to do” about where to go. It’s always a shot in the dark – will it be cool, what will the music be like, who will be there, how do we get there and back safely. This year we decided to go to the Kiss FM sponsored party at the Palladium, in downtown Dallas. There was a little hesitation about the median age group since the minimum age for girls was 18 (nice) but guys had to be 21. But we figured, throw caution to the wind and let’s just do it!

I wish I could say that it was a crazy wild night but truthfully whether it was our age or the fact that Chad and I were still l kind of sick it just wasn’t. It was fun, mind you, but not out of control insane or anything.

I am not sure what the Palladium is used for when it’s not December 31st but it is sort of a giant warehouse, and they divided it into 3 party rooms: a Bollywood room (which we avoided), a Night in Spain room (which we neither understood or visited) and a New York room (which we hung out in the whole night). I was most pleased that there were plenty of ladies restrooms and no long lines (it’s the little things in life). There was a “fashion” show by Bebe with “models.” I use quotation marks because (and no offense because I have bought things there before) but a tight t-shirt with BEBE written in rhinestones isn’t exactly haut couture. And the “models” were um, hmm, how do I say this, probably not gracing any covers anytime soon, unless they were bed covers. Speaking of – later in the night we were lucky enough to witness some professional dancers. And by dancers I mean scantily clad girls on pedestals awkwardly swaying to the music while none of the men even noticed that they were probably more like off duty Hooters girls and not dance professionals. We were lucky enough to have one located directly in front of our group hangout spot. I say lucky because the half dressed 18 year olds prancing around the place didn’t quite show enough skin for my taste so LUCKILY the dancers did, just barely covering their naughty bits. It was a win, win.

Although we weren’t STAND OUT old we were definitely, ahem, more mature than most of the crowd. Which was only solidified when we ran into Chad’s younger cousin and my cousin’s daughter, who are both under 25 (yet perfectly mature and lovely and were not included in the scantily clad hussies group).

Anyhow, Chad saved Erica from certain injury when a fight broke out and Jared (since Chad was busy) shielded Beth and I from harm as well. Speaking of Chad, although he isn’t present in one single group picture he was there, and looked quite dapper might I add.

We ended the night with a late night stop at McDonalds since Chad and I had eaten early (obviously a little too early) and Beth was demanding ice cream from the backseat. Although it wasn’t the best start to my 2009 diet it certainly hit the spot…as did Taco Bueno the next day (oops).

P.S. Any City watchers? Jay is a douche, just let it be known, and Whitney needs to move her gorgeous butt onward and upward. And although I hate her, Olivia is beautiful too. DARN IT.




I call this my ice skater costume, it just has that feel to it.



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