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You know you are old when:

January 11, 2009


1.   You are excited about eating at Red Lobster again.  Please, let me explain.  At one time no other restaurant compared to The Lobster.  I would go with my grandmother, or my parents, or anyone with a car a desire to look at the lobster tank.  My meal of choice – fried popcorn shrimp, with French fries of course.  I quickly moved from the child’s portion to the adult size and even then I accused the timid wait staff of shorting me shrimp (hungry bastards).  Anyhow, fast forward about 15 years and all of the sudden Red Lobster is NOT the place to be – unless of course you are over 60 or under 12.  It’s sort of like the Lubys of seafood only no Jello, or cafeteria style dining (ok it’s totally different except that their dinner rush hours are both around 4:30 PM).

Now, skip to last night.  We were meeting Chad’s parents for dinner and they suggested Red Lobster, there was a slight pause and then a whole hearted, “YEAH!” from both of us.  We were genuinely excited, mostly because while, yes, the clientele is on the older side and you will probably not behold any celebrity sightings the food has always been good (and they have amazing cheese biscuits).  So we met them around 5:30 thinking we missed the rush.  Our waitress, bless her heart, was a sweet young girl who couldn’t quite wrap her head around a sauvignon blanc and brought me out a red wine instead.  I pointed to the menu twice but she feigned ignorance and apologized “Sorry I don’t understand all that wine stuff.”  You must insert a slight country accent because it’s just not the same without it.  Wine menu be darned we enjoyed everything we had.  But alas, I did not order my signature popcorn shrimp, instead I went for a healthier choice of salmon, but don’t think I skipped the biscuit, seafood dip, and a few of Chad’s fries.

So, food GOOD, atmosphere= the same.  There were quite a few customers on oxygen tanks (bless their hearts), a few pregnant waitresses, and a gaggle of families.  In fact, as we were leaving we literally had to enact the Chad Lemons Crowd Cutting Technique…Chad forged ahead (since he can see above everyone) and we all linked arms just to make it out the door.  It was almost scary how many people were holding a little buzzer with a lobster on it just waiting for a booth and that yummy cheesy bread.

2.  Your medicine cabinet/container begins to exceed capacity.  When Chad and I were first married we combined our OTC meds and old prescriptions into one compact plastic container….and mind you, when I say WE I mean me, I simply notified him of where everything was.  So far this has suited us just fine.  Sure I have gone through it a few times getting rid of prescriptions for Amoxicillin from before we met and taking an inventory of band aids but so far so good.  Until this morning.  I was scavenging for left over cold medicine (THANK YOU VERY MUCH TEXAS for going from 80 degrees to 30 degrees in the span of a day) and Chad was looking for some Cortaid and he commented that the container was a mess and that we probably needed to expand.  Oh Lord, it has happened, we are no longer 24 and healthy all the time – we catch colds, need soothing creams, have back pain meds, headache meds, gauze, daytime and nighttime meds, expectorants, Theraflu, muscle relaxers, and anti inflammatory meds.  I remember when all I needed was Advil to cure the occasional hang over (ok maybe more than occasional) or fatigue induced headache.  And Chad remembers when he could play real sports and not just virtual or video game sports without pulling something in his back.  Yep, we are old, and if it’s not official yet then my 30th birthday this year will make it so (only 10 more months people so get to shopping and planning).

P.S. I am also thinking about taking an adult education sewing class at the local highschool.  I think that solidifies the oldness.

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  1. January 12, 2009 6:19 pm

    mmmm… cheddar biscuits…

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