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Generational Gap

January 20, 2009

It’s official there has been a generational shift.  It happens every few years I suppose but now it is happening to me. 

So last night I was preparing to watch The City by watching filler TV.  Filler TV is shows that I don’t really watch or care about but use to pass the time until the real show comes on.  Sort of like dating guys you know you won’t marry because you are passing time until the right one comes along (and everyone needs to eat right, gahh).  I was flipping between some painfully awkward moments on Bromance and more painfully awkward moments on The Bachelor.  I haven’t watched a Bachelor episode in years but I used to be addicted, in fact, Chad and I used to watch it together while we were dating (when he still cared about impressing me).  You can imagine my horror as they were featuring each girl:

·        Samantha, 22, Sales Associate from Illinois

·        Katie, 23, Teacher from Minnesota

·        Becky, 24, Rocket Scientist from California

·        Amy, 25, Bartender from Kansas

·        Melinda, 26, Department Store Buyer from Winnipeg, Canada

You might be thinking, “What, what’s the big deal, I don’t get it.”  You don’t get it?  You don’t get that there was a time when I watched this very show and thought how old and dried up these girls were and now I am OLDER than all of them, AHHHHHHHHHH!  It’s awful, just awful.  Thank goodness I already found my man the nice normal way, at church (ok, that’s a lie, it was a bar but church sounds so much better and less trashy).

On a side note, Bromance is so horrible that it’s hard to turn off.  Poor Brody, no real skills and minimal amounts of fame for being…um, well wait, I am not really sure why he is slightly famous.  I would say it’s because he was involved with Lauren Conrad, but I don’t really know why she is famous either.  Or perhaps it’s because he is somewhat related to Kim Kardashian but, crap, she doesn’t really have a reason to be famous either.  Although, to her credit she did do Playboy and lots of women in Hollywood become famous that way so I suppose that she is legit now.  Well, no sense in pondering the imponderables.  Tonight it’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, more gossipy nonsense to make me happy!


P.S.  Is it just me or is Olivia’s cousin gay?  I thought it was a given and then last night she tells him “no girls at my apartment unless I approve” and I thought, wait a minute, that shouldn’t be a problem, right?  But maybe I misread the flippy hand movements, Robert Downey Jr. hair a-la Less Than Zero, tightish pants, lisp and frequent leg crossing.  Or not, and he is denial or it’s a cover up for the cameras and his undoubtedly conservative parents.  Either way, I couldn’t possibly be wrong.  Just ask Chad, it’s literally not possible.

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