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Enough Is Enough

January 26, 2009

Sometimes I get a bad rap because I like every surface of our home to be clean and clutter free but while I am pretty organized and tidy I am not a total freak.  I am NOT the person who labels everything (although if I didn’t have a job I might) nor do I have the secret to perfectly folded fitted sheets (I swear despite conflicting reports, it’s impossible).  But I do have my limit. 

Our closet is the only travesty of our beautiful home.  It is small and awkward with short angled walls and a giant Brinks security box that takes up a huge amount of room.  The previous owners took a stab at installing shelf organizers but I am afraid they failed miserably.  The shelves lean to one side and they couldn’t be more inconvenient if they tried (maybe SHE let HIM do the configuring which would explain everything).  Anyhow, for weeks now I have been cringing with each glance into our little tomb of a wardrobe.  The shoes scattered about, all of my tops hanging by a sleeve and poor Chad, his clothes are hung on the tip top rack, we even have one of those professional hooks they have at retail stores (you know, the ones that only the highly skilled employees are allowed to use because YOU being the shopper couldn’t possibly handle a poll with a hook you might take an eye out). 

Well, last night I said ENOUGH!  I decided that despite a very thorough clean out pre-move there were still items that I didn’t need, want or use.  Two giant trash bags later I realized I was right and that I have a very hard time saying to goodbye to certain things.  Especially things that were expensive, cute at one time, have only been worn once, or that someone gave to me as a gift.  BUT, alas, we live in a world of excess and I was one tank top away from having to rent a storage unit and that would simply be unacceptable.  The funny thing is when I was done even Chad (Mr. Minimalist) said, “So, like, um is this all of your clothes?  You must mix and match a lot.”  The key is buying basics with a few trendy pieces and unique jewelry; it can change your life and an outfit!

The moral of the story is this:  Just when you think you can’t part with another thing….you can, and should.  Stuff has a way of multiplying and taking over your life.  Whether you admit it or not a clutter free closet, desk, or room helps you lead a clutter free life….and without clutter there is so much more freedom and room to be creative, feel peace and just plain enjoy what you have.



Is this too much to ask for?

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