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Queen for a Day (or 15 minutes)

January 28, 2009

We are sort of on this home improvement kick.  There are phases when you move into a new home.  There are things you have to do right away (like scraping popcorn ceilings & painting), things you do as needed (like replacing sprinkler heads and chopping dead trees), things that you do as you can afford them (like replacing light fixtures) and then there are things that you do when you think you are competent enough (like refinishing a banister).  Mind you that “thinking” you are competent and actually being competent are two totally different things.

Today I decided that after my extensive research (meaning, Googling and choosing the first option) that I was ready to purchase the materials to properly refinish our wood banister.  So I headed boldly into Home Depot fully expecting to navigate each aisle aimlessly while searching for #2 grit sandpaper and semi gloss polyurethane.  However, much to my surprise there was a lovely man standing at the entrance with an official looking walkie talkie just waiting to help (most walkie talkies are official looking by the way unless they are in the hands of an 8 year old).  So I read my list to him and he instructed me on the correct aisle……then he “walkie talkied” his buddies that there was a customer in need of assistance.  By the time I arrived at the correct location there were two qualified gentlemen waiting with baited breath, not to mention the third that showed up in hopes of helping.  Anyhow, I was able to find everything on my list in a matter of minutes (15 to be exact).  It was amazing.  It was like I had a VIP pass at The Home Depot.  Never before have I felt so cared for.  Never before had there been anyone waiting at the door with a walkie talkie.  So I wonder what has changed?  It certainly isn’t me – I didn’t get any “enhancement” surgeries overnight or gain celebrity status so what could it be. 


I wonder if, in this tough economy, retailers and businesses everywhere are having to step up their game.  Hmm, could it be that a tight market makes for better customer service?  My guess is, probably.  If prices can’t set you apart (due to inflation) and if customers don’t have the kind of cash they had before then how else would Home Depot stand out from Lowes?  I know, I know – walkie talkies, and a 2 employee to 1 customer ratio – that’s how!  While I feel for those suffering from this stressful time I can’t help but enjoy the queen like service I am getting at retailers like Home Depot!


P.S. While my Internet research process for refinishing the banister seemed pretty easy it didn’t mention how long or tedious the whole prep process is – all that taping and putting down drop cloths, WHEWWW, it’s exhausting.

P.P.S. After starting dinner and enjoying a glass of wine my desire to attack that banister has diminished like 100%, not to mention the fact that American Idol and the Housewives of Orange County are both on tonight…..hmmm, so I might just un-tape and remove the drop cloth for another week.

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  1. Cindy permalink
    January 28, 2009 3:53 pm

    No, it’s not the economy. It’s your beautiful self that attracted not one, not two, but three male employees to help you. Will you ever get a clue, dear?

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