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Stripper Gone Wrong

January 29, 2009

No, this is not a blog about thongs, clear platform high heels or tassels so you can just get your mind out of the gutter right now (I am hurt that you would even think I would ever……well, not that hurt). 

Remember my blissful trip to Home Depot to purchase all of the goodies to refinish the banister?  Well, the bliss stopped there.  First of all neither Chad nor I could get the stripper open (teehee) so I had to take it back to HD where the official paint men decided a wrench would do the trick, so I left with the same stripper (hate that) and a new wrench (which I am pretty sure I will never use again).

Last night Chad tried to be the voice of reason, “You know, maybe you should wait until next weekend to start.”  But the well researched validated instructions from Joe Schmoe seemed so easy I was just certain I could get it all done.  So, ten things I learned about refinishing a banister:

1.    Prep work – 6 hours

2.   Actual staining – 15 minutes (ok, maybe longer than that but in comparison)

3.   Prep work – BAD

4.   Actual staining – rewarding

5.   Stripper – not quite as easy as the label indicated (teehee) but twice as messy (yuck)

6.   Stripper – can eat through latex (haha, oh the jokes are just endless), latex gloves that is

7.   Sanding – not fun, at all, in anyway

8.   Overall Process – will make you sore in places you wouldn’t expect, all that bending, reaching and painting

9.   Husband pointing out sizeable area that you somehow missed completely – totally annoying and creates misdirected anger towards husband

10.               Trying to finish in one regular week night – dumb, dumb, dumb unless of our course you normally stay up until 1:30 AM and get up at 6:00 AM (hey, I bet strippers have that schedule, since they are all working their way through school and all)

Despite all the trauma the outcome should be good, and I will have before and after pictures!

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