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Technology is great…………when it works.

February 3, 2009


My laptop has been OOC (out of commission) since Saturday so all of the lovely pictures I had ready to upload are still waiting patiently on my camera. Alas, it feels like the tech gods are not smiling on me this week. Everything seems to be malfunctioning. I guess the before and after photos of the banister will have to wait, as will the Super Bowl party pics.

Speaking of party, Chad and I spent most of the weekend gearing up for the get together on Sunday. And when I say “Chad and I” I mean me. True story, we both made TO DO lists for Saturday and here they are:



  1. Put final coat of polyurethane on banister


  3. Wash rugs and hand towels


  5. Grocery store (which had its own list)


  7. Run dishwasher


  9. Decorate table


  11. Do all the laundry (as Sunday is normally laundry day)



  1. Buy football jersey for dog


  3. Go to Best Buy to look for Wii games


  5. Go to Game Stop to return Wii games


  7. Tan


  9. Play Wii games

Hmmm, do you see a difference in our lists? Yeah, neither did Chad.

Speaking of Wii – we FINALLY found the Wii Fit, it’s a miracle! And it’s everything we thought it would be, and more. It completely meets my fitness requirements, in other words – it’s unintentional exercise and fun. But it can also be intentional if you choose – Yoga is hard, aerobics is fun, strength training is hard, and the balance games are really fun (I heart soccer). But I must say I was a bit offended when, while setting up my avatar, it asked “Do you fall down a lot” as my balance was apparently not on par (I believe the same was asked of Heather Bakes). Um, I only fall down while playing Wii Tennis thank you very much. Besides, this thing can’t be that accurate it told my extremely lean husband to lose 5 pounds (which he could probably do by taking off his shoes and shaving, damn men).

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  1. Cindy Oates permalink
    February 3, 2009 3:02 pm

    Chad, you ROCK! Keep up the great work, buddy!

  2. Beth P. permalink
    February 3, 2009 3:11 pm

    Wow, once again, Chad=Jon…as far as the list goes. Except the tanning. Hehe. (at least during the winter).

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