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I’m In Love…

February 17, 2009

….with Veggie Crisps.  I just bought a box of 100 calorie packs of these things last night and I have already had 2 bags and gave one away just to share the joy.  They are, obviously, only 100 calories and made of veggies but they taste like chips only not so greasy and the ingredients said nothing about post-snack guilt which is huge for me.  The only danger with 100 calorie packs is eating more than one a day, in which case – what’s the point really.



Last night was very tame, after a long day at work I did my usual grocery shopping, ate a quick bite and settled in for John and Kate Plus Eight and The City.  I can’t really think of two more polar opposite shows so I think they really show my diversity, I have so many layers I can hardly keep up.

This weekend is the big day…, I am not getting married again, but Chad is turning 29 31.  While he never likes to make a big deal of his birthday (I think it’s a guy thing) I love birthdays, anyone’s really, because they are a great reason to celebrate!  And as Chad pointed out this weekend I will take any reason at all to celebrate or make a theme party.  This weekend won’t have an official theme except for FUN but I am excited to visit a new location – Loft 610, and the best part is it’s NOT half way across the planet for us, it’s just at the Tollway and 121 (YIPPEEE)!


P.S. I was SO impressed with Whitney’s little snotty attitude with Olivia last night, it was so UN-Whitney but I LIKED IT!

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