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Weekend Review

February 23, 2009

This weekend was fun! Friday night was grill night – I prepped and Chad grilled (chicken and veggies). Then we watched Quarantine, not bad for a scary movie, pretty suspenseful. But before that I did some cleaning. And let me preface this with “Poor Chad, it’s not his fault” but whenever it’s time to clean he sort of stands around asking if he can do anything and when I tell him “no” he happily retreats to whatever it is that he was doing. When I say it’s not his fault it’s because it’s mine. I have it all laid out in my head what to do first, how to do it, and to what degree (“high intensity” clean for overnight guests or grandparents or “at a glance” clean, reserved for short visits from friends after dark). There is just no easy way for me to convey all of this to him without sounding insane (like I need help in doing that) so it’s easier to do it myself. The one thing I do allow him to take control over is the floors – Swiffer and vacuum. But even that’s hard, I remind him about the carpet in my office twice, the stairs and I even check his work when he is done, poor guy.

Anyhow, back to Friday night. I am going at it fast and furious because I am hungry and want to get to my prep work. Chad remarks about how sleepy he is – after all, that day he had spent shopping with his mom for his birthday so you can see how he might be totally wiped. So he and the dog curl up on the couch for a little nappy nap. Really? Seriously? He is sound asleep on the couch while I am dusting around him. The dog looked up at me as if to say, “Excuse me ma’am but we are trying to sleep.” But Chad didn’t even open an eye. If it had not been his actually birthday I might have raised a stink, but I decided to let this one slide. After I had washed, trimmed and seasoned the chicken and veggies I woke him up to grill. He hops up puts everything on the grill and returns a hero for his efforts; while I try to get the chicken gunk out from underneath my fingernails (gross). How appropriate and annoying all at the same time.

But Saturday was a ME day – I got my hair did, shopped, tanned (shush) and even found time to do my nails. Chad slept in and played NBA Live. It was a busy day had by all. However, it’s a good thing he preserved his energy because that night we headed to Loft 610 with friends to celebrate his big 25th birthday (haha, he wishes). It was a very cool place, I highly recommend it to those in the North Dallas area who get tired of driving to Dallas or Fort Worth just for a fun atmosphere and cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, I chose to have martini for my first drink….I think it’s a new thing called the Cosmo, not sure if you have ever heard of it, I think I am the first to make it really popular.

NEW RULE: Red martinis may only be consumed while sitting at a table. No dancing or swaying that could be passed off as dancing (hopefully) is allowed while holding the glass with no lip or spill protection that the bartender filled to the BRIM. My brand new beautiful shirt took at hit within 10 minutes and I was NOT pleased. I have had this thing my entire life about stains and being dirty and HATING IT. One stain, one spill and it’s ruined and I must change clothes immediately (my poor mother did a lot of laundry when I was young). While everyone assured me that it wasn’t noticeable I knew it was there and I have been anxious ever since that the dry cleaners would not succeed. But really there is a bigger issue at hand. Why on earth would anyone create a special glass for alcohol that is so prone to spillage? I mean HELLO look at this:



Either they need to give the martini glass a makeover or invent Martini Sippy Lids – for the martini drinker who likes to dance (or sway). I’m just saying, it’s something to think about.

P.S. I have pictures from Saturday but forgot my camera today so I will upload later (maybe).


Nessa, Beth, Me and Tawna.


Me and Jess….notice how Chad didn’t make into any of his own birthday photos – it’s because girls are dumb and love pictures and boys are dumb and don’t.

P.P.S. For someone who is celeb obsessed I sure do hate award shows, they are so annoying to me, so I didn’t watch but I did look up the fashions on line.

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