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February 24, 2009

Today is a big day for one reason.  Chewy is having his teeth cleaned.  Now I know all of our friends and family will be sad that they can no longer make light of Chewy’s challenged breath situation but I am sure they will all recover once they get a wiff of his minty fresh kisser.  It was difficult, however, this morning when I couldn’t feed him and when Chad had to drag him in kicking and screaming to the back room at the vet.  I have been a little weepy but I am trying to keep it in check.  Apparently our dog is so full of life insane that the vet said it would be best to sedate him in order to clean his teeth.  Chad thought it was a little cool that our dog is so bad ass misbehaved that the vet couldn’t handle him without medication.  I will give a full report tomorrow on the level of breath improvement.

In other news, here are our new trees.  They are bigger than I thought they would be:




P.S. Whitney needs to dump Jay, he is sneaky and I don’t trust him.  She is hot and famous.  He is Australian and in a lame band (nothing against Australians I just couldn’t think of anything else to say about him).  She has a career and an apartment.  He has a beard, long hair and is homeless.  She is tall, thin and beautiful.  He appears to be short and gravitate towards plaid.

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