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LA Trip: Part Two – From the Hills to Venice

March 2, 2009

Friday night we decided to be ultra trendy and go to Dolce (Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant). 


(we literally sat right there on the right)

While we didn’t see him I wasn’t surprised, it was so dark that I could barely see Chad, who knows I could have been surrounded by celebs and been none the wiser.  However, the food was DELICIOUS.  I went completely out of my comfort zone and ordered pork chops, which I normally HATE but the sauce sounded so yummy.  Chad had the chicken ravioli and it was also yum.  All the waiters, and yes they were all men, looked like wanna-be actors and models, any one of them could have been a guest star on Baywatch or maybe Days of Our Lives.  That was pretty much the extent of our excitement for that night – although I did snag a few blurry photos on the way home of the Scientology Celebrity Center (the picture was so dark I couldn’t even post it).  I also saw a Kabala center and the Holy Church of We Have No Real Beliefs and Only Teach the Parts of the Bible that We Like.  I will say, however, that there were a lot of Catholic churches, which was nice and refreshing after seeing all the made up and trendy religions cults.

Saturday we decided to be TOURISTAS!  Chad wouldn’t let me wear my camera around my neck but I was picture happy again.  We drove up in the Hollywood Hills and saw the Hollywood sign:



And did you know that Hollywood Land is not just the name of a movie, it’s an actual place (that we couldn’t afford to park in).  The houses and architecture are just amazing the way they build into the hillside blows my mind:


(Amazing landscaping, reminds me of our street – minus the hills, and flowers and million dollar homes – otherwise totally identical.)

Speaking of blowing my mind, we then decided to visit Venice Beach.  We wanted to go to one of the beaches – Manhattan, Huntington, or Laguna and for whatever reason we thought Venice would be the best option (oh yeah, that’s right, my Uncle Tom suggested it….thank you oh so much Uncle).  So, in short, here are the top 5 things you will find on Venice Beach:

1.   A head shop every other store.

2.   A long line of people waiting to get their medical marijuana license.

3.   1,005 people who have clearly already received their medical marijuana license and who must be in major medical need at the time.

4.   T-shirt shops with clever crude sayings and pictures (how 1999 of them).

5.   Dreadlocks, tie dye clothing, henna tattoos, bad artwork, psychics, roller bladders, homeless people and people who aren’t homeless but apparently aspire to look homeless.

And the top 5 things you WON’T find on Venice Beach:

1.   Someone who has showered (that week anyway).

2.   A clean restroom.

3.   A police officer.

4.   Parking.

5.   Me and Chad after dark – or ever again in any light.

So maybe I am a snob or uncultured or self centered or whatever – but I appreciate people who are clean, not on drugs and not having to hold my purse so close to my body that it looks like me and Charles David are having an intimate moment.  Chad informed me that I shouldn’t have expected it to be like Addison, TX which I agree with but I also didn’t expect to need another shower after I left.  If ever there were a good PSA on staying off drugs it would be the young run away with a hula hoop and a monkey back backpack with no shoes on holding an “I’M HUNGRY” sign.  Am I compassionate, yes, but do I also think she was on acid or meth or all of the above – DEFINITELY.


(And here is the actual beach, but the action weirdness was all on the strip behind the beach.)

We finished our trip off with room service and a movie – a banana split and shrimp cocktail for Chad (????, I think he might be expecting) and chicken with pasta for me (and maybe red wine).  We watched Role Models, with Paul Rudd, and it was actually pretty funny.

Sunday it was off to the airport.  Thinking I had lost all chances of seeing a celebrity I hung my head down as we began to board the plane.  Then, a light in the darkness; a beacon of hope – JAMIE WALTERS!  Wait, who?  Ok, ok, if you don’t know who that is then you aren’t alone, and you also didn’t watch the original 90210 (think waist high jeans and flowered vests, not anorexic teens).  Yes, Jamie was the guitar playing music hunk and there he was in Bob Hope Airport with his guitar.  I did a little bit of a double take just because I had lost all hope of a celeb citing, and yes, we made eye contact.  If only I had a few glasses of wine in me I would have asked for a pictures but alas at 1:00 in the afternoon all I had in me was coffee, water and some smoothie – so no picture, just a tiny memory.


(But here is a professional pic so you can associate a face with the name.)


P.S.  Room service was still one of my favorite things on the whole trip, I got giddy every time the guy dropped off a tray with a covered dish.  I have decided to purchase a tray just so I can attempt to mimic the experience.  Oh and we got massages, which were very nice as well.


P.P.S. I caught up on all of my serious heavy reading:



(And here is Chewy mid shake….he was glad to see us but may or may not have engaged in some passive agressive peeing while we were gone.  Apparently he was quite angry with Chad or Chad’s pillow, possibly both.)


OH yeah, and we saw an awful wreck……that was actually a movie being filmed:


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  1. Kelli permalink
    March 3, 2009 1:45 am

    Dolce? The Kabbalah Center? The Hills of LC?…Im mean of Hollywood? Do you know how totally jealous I am that you are pretty much my US weekly this week.

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