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Hurry up and Wait

March 9, 2009

Confession:I have not blogged since Chad and I returned from California. But I have good reason; my Uncle has been in the hospital undergoing liver transplant number two. It has been an exhausting week. But you will be glad to know that all is well thus far, he is stable and awake which is a big triumph for a 12 hour risky surgery.

I haven’t pulled an all nighter in……um…hmmm….I really don’t know how long. The closest I got was a year ago when Sophia Kate was born, but that was only until like 3:00 AM. Tuesday night I was up the entire night until 12:30 PM the next day, when I finally laid down for a nap. Although I did get a few winks in the surgical waiting room until the cleaning crew decided to turn the lights on and sling their mop around me, motioning for me to please move my bag so they could get in the corner. OH I’M SORRY, I know your mopping is really critical and all but I have a loved one in the midst of a very serious operation and I am just trying to get a few moments of sleep. BUT DON’T MIND ME. Geeze. On my list of things I really don’t like I think hospitals are near the top, right next to roaches, roots (the kind that happen when you are a “natural” blonde, not those of trees), and meatloaf (and yes that includes all meatloaf even if yours is different and so not like meatloaf, it is still meatloaf – AKA a loaf of meat, yuck – sorry Cousin Jenni I know you are a fan).

Anyhow, the surgical waiting room was FIRST class compared to the ICU waiting room. Now, let me preface this by saying that the ICU waiting room has to be the worst place to have to spend weeks at a time in. And I truly feel for those that have to….because I could barely spend 2 minutes amongst all the sights, sounds and (oh gosh) the smells. Granted I would totally stock up on magazines, 100 calorie packs and fruit but some people take it to a whole new level. The level of BYOT – bring your own TV – complete with rabbit ears and the volume at capacity. I love you Oprah but not at volume 15 on some janky TV while I am trying NOT to smell the Chinese takeout next to me while cousin Billy Bob practically gives a play by play of his loved one’s current state. WHEW. It’s pretty depressing actually. People move in, with hanging clothes, pillows, blankets and public diaper changes. The last thing you need when you are stressed and anxious about your loved one is to feel like you are in a homeless shelter. Again, I know, I am a snob but at least I admit it.


I hoping for a do over this coming week, a much better one full of sleep and more good news about my Uncle.


P.S. Who authorized this time change?  Um, it’s seriously ticking me off.  It was cool when I was like 10 and it meant that summer nights were lighter longer (meaning more play time) but play time is over now – it’s work time all the time and my body is saying 10:00 but the clock is snidely screaming 11:00 – bastard.

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