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The Real Housewives of Self-Involved City

March 11, 2009

Last season was the first time I met these lovely ladies of New York. I actually liked Luan, the Countess, and found her to be quite respectable and poised. But I realized last night that it was because she kept her mouth shut, this season she has decided to open her mouth and it has not proven to be a good thing.

RECAP: Al l of the ladies are involved in charity work, as any good socialite is. I mean you can only lunch, shop, drink and complain so much before you begin to feel like you should do something worthwhile. Luan’s charity of choice is the American Cancer Society, a great organization. She decides to make a meal for the patients and family members of Hope Lodge, a place for patients undergoing treatment in the area. Well, I say “she” but what I really mean is that she told Bethenny and Ramona to make the meal while she flitted around pretending to have class. Here comes the disgusting self-involved part. Ramona and Luan get in to an argument about Luan’s husband being an “older” man. Ramona has a big mouth but let’s be honest, he DOES look much older than her:



Handsome and distinguished, yes, her age – definitely NOT.


So anyhow, they start going at it and Luan is just SO OFFENDED. Meanwhile, one of the cancer patients who is skin and bones, with no hair and a ball cap on sits beside them in the kitchen just sort of watching. While these women engage in a cat fight about age and meaningless $hit this poor patient sits by on her death bed probably thinking, “These selfish bisnatches, who cares, I just hope I live to see my children or grandchildren grow up.” I mean how much more self-involved can you be than having a stupid argument in the middle of people fighting for their lives. Next time, Luan, do your charity a favor and just write a check.

And let me just say this, women with REAL class and manners do NOT go around talking about how much class and manners they posses. The same applies for money, those who truly have a lot do not need to talk about it or wear t-shirts that say GUCCI across the chest (TACKY). And that’s how I feel about that!


P.S. Um if you watched The City this week you probably sensed how staged the whole Olivia presentation was. I’m sure. That girl would NOT have trouble presenting in front of a table of people. LAME MTV, just LAME.

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  1. "Oh Great One" permalink
    March 12, 2009 1:02 pm

    Oh My Gosh! I could not agree more.
    I was thinking Alex was weird, now I am thinking she is the most normal one on that show. And is Kelly stuck up or what? You should read her blog on All she does is drop names/labels and all the “important stuff” she does. She is so full of herself, i don’t see how she keeps from being an exploding ball of crap.

  2. Jordon permalink
    March 22, 2009 7:02 pm

    i did like her as well but i dont care for her at all she has no class in my opinion and i love love ramona shes my girl!!

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