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Hot Girls in Lazy Places

March 16, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I obsess over my nails and toenails.  Before having a real JOB and a normal schedule I used to spend a few times a week painting and repainting, now I am down to about once per week….the invention of Direct TV, Tivo and Wii have really curbed my obsession.  That is why I am so excited to report that Sally Hansen’s new Insta-Dry nail polish REALLY WORKS!


You see, one of the reasons I have spent so much time painting is that I am chronically impatient.  This means, I paint one coat, can’t wait for it to dry, paint another, then do a clear coat and then decide I should change the sheets or empty the dishwasher.  Bubbles, smudges and just when I think I am safe the dreaded dents become the bane of my nail existence.  And until now I just figured these things would have to remain a reality for me.  But I am here to testify that this product WORKS.  No smudges, no dents, no bubbles just neat clean and QUICK.


In other news, I spotted a new reality show on E.  It’s groundbreaking, exciting, creative and so real.  Are you ready?  It’s called (insert drum roll)……………..Hot Girls in Scary Places.  Yes, seriously.  I couldn’t stop giggling at the title, just think of the sequels:

1.   Hot Girls in Cold Places

2.   Hot Girls in Sunny Places

3.   Hot Girls in Illegal Places

The list goes on, I mean as long as you can find hot girls the cast options are endless too.

Feeling cruel I also decided to watch The Notebook yesterday.  And just as I knew I would I boohooed all the way through, in between staring at Ryan Gosling and eating Jelly Bellies, that is.  So you can see that Sunday was a busy day for me.  I did do laundry and attempt a baking project that, um, well is currently on hold…..does anyone have a tiny flower cookie cutter I could borrow?

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