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Cake Time

March 30, 2009

The weekend passed in a haze of frosting and birthdays, thank goodness for the nice weather yesterday so that I could walk off all of the weekend’s sins.  I spent most of Friday night making these:

 sophias-birthday-001  sophias-birthday-003


 Chad listened patiently as I moaned about each one being difficult to work with and then he ewed and awed when I presented the finished product – what a good husband.  Post cupcake pop making I spent some quality time with Edward and Bella and then headed to bed.

Saturday was FREEZING and WINDY, two elements of a Saturday that I DON’T enjoy –what happened to sunny and 70?  But I met Heather and Brian at Starbucks to do a cupcake exchange – give me the cupcakes and nobody gets hurt.  We caught up on things and enjoyed a latte before I headed back home to prepare for Sophia’s BIG 1st birthday! 

It was a glorious event, enough pink and brown to make your head spin and Sophia was dressed to the nines:

 sophias-birthday-007 sophias-birthday-008 sophias-birthday-009


(Sophia tried not to act too over the top when she opened her cupcake t-shirt from Aunt Kate, and it probably helped that she was gnawing on her favorite gift of the day a new purse.)


She was worried that the tool around her ankles might be too much but I assured her that all “tool” rules are null and void on your first birthday. 

Chad and I were reluctant to leave the festivities but, alas, we had another party to get to across town.  Yeah, I know, we are really popular so it’s not rare that we are double booked – it’s just that normally it’s with Wii and Blockbuster night. 

From a 1st birthday to a 30th, oh my, what a difference.  I guess John refused to wear his special birthday outfit because I didn’t notice a single stitch of tool on him, oh well, I suppose it’s best reserved for those under 5 and female (or ballerinas).  And bless his heart; he didn’t even have a crown to wear.  Sophia’s crown was pink and brown with feather material at the bottom – too bad I didn’t think to bring it for John.  I think he would have liked that.  But even with the absence of festive attire and birthday crowns it was a good time!

Yesterday I met Jessica for some chill patio time at Glorias to catch up, the weather was so nice.  It felt like California year round or Texas 4 days a year……remind me again why we don’t live in California?  Oh yeah, that’s right, Chad and I would be scraping up enough cash for a studio apartment in a sketchy part of town rather than enjoying our 4 bedroom home in an established community.  Oh well, it’s still nice to visit. 

I finished off the day with an hour long walk in the neighborhood; one of my favorite new activities that I am sure will be RUINED by 108 degree temperatures in a few weeks.  Then I soaked in the hot tub, sipping on a green smoothie and reading a few pages of Eclipse (which I finished, sadly, last night).  I know what you are thinking – hot tubs, green smoothies, an addiction to a teenage book serious….I know, I am SO COOL but don’t be jealous it takes a lot of work to be this awesome.



(She wasn’t thrilled about the crown, but she humored us.)



(Look Mom, I am a brooding super model.)

P.P.S. Did anyone notice my new header?  Chad insisted that it was time to remove the wedding photo (whatever) so I changed it to a picture of my FAVORITE THING – room service.

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  1. Gigi permalink
    March 30, 2009 2:17 pm

    The cupcake pops were so awesome, you are the best! Love all the pictures of miss priss, too bad I only have one of her smiling…. little toot. Oh and the shirt is so incredibly awesome, seriously love it!

  2. Beth P. permalink
    March 30, 2009 3:08 pm

    Ok…the cupcake pops were yummy. I took two: one for Jon and one for myself, but refused to let him have his and ate both. 🙂 So, I may be needing to know how to make those for my cousin’s shower…if I can sub the pink “icing” for green??

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