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April 3, 2009

Last night I caught up on the Real World – YAWN.  This season was so boring.  No excessive drunkenness, sleeping around, or damaging addictions.  It was like a household of normal balanced individuals, I mean sure there was a transgender but that’s old news now.  It actually reminded me of the very first Real World set in NYC, almost 15 years ago.  Everyone had their own jobs and it was almost ridiculous the mundane things they filmed.  But season by season the cast got crazier and the antics wilder.  I think the audience just got a little disgusted with all the debauchery, if that’s possible these days.  Maybe MTV instructed the Brooklyn cast to tone it down?  Or maybe they just casted people who weren’t out of their minds this season. 

So anyway, this weekend’s line up:

1.    Steak on the grill tonight

2.   Tawna’s birthday dinner on Saturday

3.   Sunday = read the last Twilight book and veg on the couch

I am having a much harder time getting through Breaking Dawn.  It has taken a strange turn, which says a lot about a book series featuring vampires and werewolves, and I am having trouble staying as engaged as I have been before.  However, I have not had any trouble listening to the sound track over and over and over again.  I really like it – just like when I first watched Romeo and Juliet and couldn’t get enough of that sound track either.  Which reminds me – best movie memory ever:

I go to see Romeo and Juliet with a girlfriend of mine, it was 1996 so I was 16 (yikes, was I ever really 16, I guess so).  The theater seats were on a downward slope (keep this in mind).  It is about midway through the movie and my friend nudges me and alarmingly says, “PICK UP YOUR PURSE AND HOLD YOUR FEET IN THE AIR” in a loud whisper.  I had no idea what was going on….until I smelled it.  The young “gentlemen” behind us were extremely intoxicated and apparently popcorn doesn’t mix well with two bottles of Boones Farm.  This alone is gross enough but remember the downward slope of the floor, um yeah, well I was in the line of fire.  So we gathered our belongings and finished the movie from the back of the theater.  GROSS. 


I heart you Romeo and Juliet!

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