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April 8, 2009

I don’t normally blog about current events, because you can read about those for yourself. Now, commentary on reality TV, you can’t get that just anywhere so I consider it my duty to report back to you my thoughts on Heidi’s hair, Luan’s divorce and The Real World’s yawn factor. Anyhow, I saw an article on AOL today about the removal of Israeli female cabinet members from a photo in two ultra-orthodox newspapers. Why? Because many ultra-orthodox Jews view publishing photos of women as a violation of female modesty. By looking at the photo I am pretty sure there is nothing more modest than these two ladies:



But I guess if you have never seen a woman before, or a photo of a woman, they could be pretty, um, er, alluring. I guess, in that over 60, super conservative politician kind of way. But they aren’t exactly Pamela Anderson in a suit.

Anyway, in REAL news last night’s American Idol was pretty average. My top four right now are:

1. Adam (the slightly feminine kid who grew up in Hollywood)

2. Alison (the 16 year old with red hair and odd style)

3. Matt (the Justin Timberlake look alike)

4. Chris (the boyish guitar playing John Mayer-esk dude)

Also, Paula is still on drugs and Simon is losing patience.

Tonight I am going to watch the Real Housewives (which I record) so that I can share my riveting opinions about that as well!

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  1. Gigi permalink
    April 8, 2009 8:29 pm

    Go Adam!!!! I watching RH tonight too! Please let Kelly be crazy again, that was too much fun last week!

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