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Someone Pass the Icy Hot

April 23, 2009

Have you ever worked out with your personal trainer for the first time and then, after she left, squatted down to pick something up and fallen over?  Yeah, me either.


This is what I wore last night, minus the belt I thought it was a little too much what with the headband and all….ok, not really but I actually owned this Barbie as a child!

Yesterday was the big day.  Angie showed up at 5:30 PM on the dot ready to torture me get me in shape.  We did ball squats, leg splits (the nicer cousin to lunges), pushups (not real ones yet), crunches and some balance exercise.  The hour passed really quickly.  Then we reviewed my food journal from the last few weeks.  EEKS, I feared a Jelly Belly revolt but pleasantly they were not even mentioned (whew).  So, I am going to do the circuit we worked on yesterday for the next two weeks and then meet up again to gage my progress and make tweaks.  I am sure that next time you see me my old lady arms will be gone, my chicken legs will be less chicken-like, and you might see the beginnings of a six pack (if I were to wear a belly shirt ever or willingly show you my abs, which I won’t, so never mind that).

Enough about me (as if that were possible), Idol last night ended perfectly.  It was time for Lil and Anoop to go.  I think the group remaining is awesome, but America is DUMB for putting Alison in the bottom three so much.  She is amazing and will go far no matter what.

I also watched the Real Housewives of NYC last night.  As usual Kelly made an Arss of herself.  Dressing up like a Playboy bunny is so lame and cliche.  As if we didn’t realize you had an amazing model body by the bathing suit pictures, so thanks for throwing it in our face yet one more time.  And what was up with her foreign date?  So she was bunny and he was Adam (as in Adam and Eve)?  Or maybe he was Tarzan.  I don’t know, but it’s probably best that he not say much.

I thought Jill’s radio interview with the BBC was very good, she didn’t sound like a snob at all and she had some valid points.  Why should someone feel guilty for being rich?  As long as they are grateful for what they have and give back to others, which she does, since when is it a crime to work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor?  Or should we all just be minimally prosperous and happy as long as everyone is equally as minimally prosperous.  Uh oh, sounds like socialism to me!  And it’s a little scary considering the current situation.  But since this isn’t a political blog I will refrain from going any further…..but I will say this, if there aren’t super rich people like Jill then who is going to donate, organize and fundraise for those in need?  Did you just say, “The government?”  Oh I sure hope not, yikes, they couldn’t successfully organize an Easter egg hunt without taxing you for each egg and changing the name to just “Egg Hunt” so as not to offend anyone who thinks Easter is too closely linked to Jesus.  Ok, so Easter egg hunts are hard to compare to government programs but certainly you can see some similarities.


P.S.  Bethenny continues to crack me up, her little monolog after Kelly’s party – TOO MUCH FUN, and then she just skated off like that was a normal thing to do in NYC.  Bethenny: you are my sarcasm hero.


This is apparently Kelly’s ex-husband.  Hmm, he doesn’t look anything like her current boy toy on the show, what could the attraction have been?


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