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Did You Say Shop?

April 27, 2009

Have you ever spent the whole day on the couch doing absolutely nothing except take junk food breaks and let the dog out to potty? I am going to go with, “Yeah, me either” unless Chad rats me out.

This weekend was fun. We saw The Soloist on Friday night, which was OK. But it was head and shoulders above Knowing, although that’s like saying your boyfriend is less of a D Bag than Spencer Pratt (not hard to do). Anyhow, we made an emergency run after the movie to pick up some Jelly Bellies, I have Chad hooked now too and we are very loyal to our dealer – Target. After getting our stash Chad announced that he wanted some more décor in the house because it looked too plain. I’m sorry, what was that? Chad – wants – more – decorative items? WAHOO, music to my ears. So we spent a few minutes looking around at things when he made his second announcement of, “Um, why don’t I just give you some money and you buy the stuff while I stay home.” Did I just win the lottery? No arguing about whether a certain pattern might resemble a flower or not? No exhaustive shoulder slumps 30 minutes in? No frustrated “Yeah sure, it’s nice, whatever……..let’s just go.” That night it was hard to sleep because I was so exited, but I managed.

Saturday I spent the entire afternoon at Ikea and Target. I even managed to wrangle a full length mirror into my two-door Honda Accord. It wasn’t easy and it may or may not have kept hitting my emergency flashers when I turned a corner but I got it home so that’s all that matters. Because before Saturday Chad and I were totally oblivious to what we looked like from the waist down. We had a full length mirror at one time but then we decided we liked it better above the buffet in the dining room. Propping one foot up on the bathroom counter and standing on your tip toe with the other isn’t a very good way to get a complete and accurate picture of an ensemble.

That night we met friends for dinner at Carrabbas. We had a gift certificate so we suggested that restaurant specifically so we could contribute to the group’s meal……only ten minutes before leaving the house we couldn’t find it. Crap. We narrowed the possible causes for disappearance down to these four:

1. The dog ate it

2. It was stolen by gypsies – or the 5 year old kid across the street, he has always seemed shady to me

3. Chad secretly spent it without me

4. I accidently tossed it because it was on the kitchen counter and I loathe anything being on the counter that is not supposed to be there and get highly annoyed that Chad can let a bill, a receipt, loose change or his sunglasses sit there for weeks if I don’t say anything. So in an effort to make the world right again I may or may not have thrown it away.

I am leaning towards number 2 but Chad has his eye on 4. What do you think?

Sunday, was um, well gloriously unproductive. I watched some movies, some useless TV, tried taking a nap, snuggled with the dog, ate junk, watched some HGTV, ate some more junk, and then headed to bed. Whew! I am exhausted just thinking about it.


This was me all day Sunday, minus the cig and the dress.

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