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Holy Comic Book Movie

April 30, 2009

I have been quite delinquent in my blogging this week, but a lot has been going on.  We are in the process of having our wood floor refinished so the couch is in the “foyer” (if our house were fancy enough to have a proper foyer, really it’s just an entry area), the end tables in the kitchen, the TV on the dining room table and all of our décor is scattered around the house.  Suffice it to say I am not a happy camper, my world is in disarray.  And I am anxious about the dog getting on the wood floors before they dry.  Not that my fears aren’t warranted since I saw little paw prints yesterday all the way from the kitchen entrance to the middle of the living room which is apparently the point in which Chewy thought perhaps he should turn back.  Anyway, all this excitement was enough to provide me a good excuse not to cook and ALMOST enough not to workout.  But alas the guilt set in and I set up shop in my little office instead.  I feel a little jello-ish but not like I did after Angie worked me for the first time.  I have to keep at it though because we meet again on the 7th and I don’t want her to think that I have been lying on the couch scarfing Jelly Bellies and watching reality TV for the past two weeks (even if that IS what I have been doing).

The worst part about this floor refinishing project is that the TV is unhooked, which means the Tivo is unhooked which means I can’t watch my recording of The Real Housewives, which means I can’t blog about how insane Kelly is or how funny Bethenny is.  HELP.  What to do?  I was forced to hang out in the Man Room last night and watch some comic book movie until I decided that it was late and I needed to go to bed (HEY, 10:00 is late for some people on work nights).  This can’t go on too much longer, what will I blog about?  What will I do with my free time?  Maybe I can get to chapter two of The Host, and in the process stop wishing that it were really the 5th Twilight book (although that’s doubtful).  Maybe I could train the dog, if only the wood floor were in the whole house I might have enough time for that but since it’s only one small area in the living room training a 12 year old dog is unlikely.  Oh well, it should be over soon and then I can plop my butt back on the couch and admire the wood floor while I fast forward through birth control commercials to get to Bethenny doing the Jill voice and being HIGHlarious while Ramona violently whips around her long stringy blonde hair saying something inappropriate.   

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