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D*mn Dog

May 7, 2009

I came home yesterday to find Chad cleaning up a white powdery mess.  No, it wasn’t anything scandalous – well, I guess it is pretty scandalous when the dog pushes the lazy susan open so that he can yank down the flour and powdered sugar bags and have himself a little snack.  Ugg, he is so bad.  And this is following a very brazen treat incident.

I came home on Tuesday and Chad shouted downstairs “Don’t feed the dog!”  Uh oh, that’s never good.  He continued to explain that Chewy had gotten up onto the bottom shelf of the pantry to retrieve his box of treats.  If I had to guestimate I would say there were 25 whole mini milk bones.  And for a 17 pound dog (or previously 17 pound dog) that’s a lot!  That night his tummy rumbled and girggled incessantly and there was a faint cloud of stink that followed him around until the next day.  OY, what am I gonna do with him.  Oh, I almost forgot the funniest part.  Chad put the completely empty treat box back in the pantry.  Um, excuse me but why?  “I dunno.”  So like a man.  I am surrounded by boys – no wonder I only want to watch romantic comedies.


P.S. American Idol – SO WRONG.  It is now a given that Adam will win since Alison is not an option anymore.  I think it will come down to Danny and Adam, since Danny is a favorite because he is such a nice guy.  But we have not heard the last of Alison, she is awesome and I know she will go far!


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  1. Susan permalink
    May 11, 2009 12:38 pm

    You have very SERIOUS dog issues..Owner and pet definitely need to go to obedience class.(Owner=Chad)…

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