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May 14, 2009

Desperate for something crunchy yesterday I headed to Sprouts in search of gluten free chips or crackers or shoot, paper, I really didn’t care as long as it made me feel like I was snacking. Luckily they had lots of options and I was able to get some chips and some crackers, both made from rice.



These are the crackers!

I also got some schmookies, which are similar to real cookies only not so much. Ian’s Cookie Buttons tasted stale although the actual flavor was good. I will probably eat them eventually in a moment of weakness or starvation but I am going to keep my eye out for some other types of schmookies. Got any suggestions?



These are the schmookies, I am probably a little too old to be eating anything with a weasel on the front anyway.


So who was surprised about last nights’ Idol results? I WAS, I WAS! And in a good way, I thought for sure Danny was going to more forward and although I like him I wanted Kris to win. My Uncle made a good point today, while Adam is the superstar all the people that were voting for Danny would be more likely to vote for Kris than Adam (just because of their different styles). So Kris could very well win! I hope so, I would never pay to listen to Adam he is just not for me.


P.S. It’s really hard to focus on perfect form sit ups when all you can smell is stanky dog breath.  Why?  Because the dog is standing over you with his mouth an inch from your nose.  I mean, that has never happened to me but it could.



 Home 009







This is Chewy doing his Yoga Shake, it’s a new move, only the latest studios are teaching it and he is going on tour soon and is in the middle of a workout video deal.  He is very popular in Germany, he and The Hoff both.

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