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I’ll Skip the Fries and Do Some Lunges Instead, Yippee

May 27, 2009

Have you ever left a clothing store (perhaps a Nordstrom Rack, hypothetically speaking) and gone to pick up lunch at say, oh I don’t know, Corner Bakery and wondered where the glorious breeze in your pants was coming from?  And after ruling out the notion that your pants have ripped you realize that in fact your fly is open.  So you quickly make a B-Line for the restroom and hope nobody noticed…I mean, in theory.  Yeah, me either but if I had it would have been really embarrassing.  I sure that never happens to me (again).


Is anyone else feeling a huge void since all the big shows are on hiatus?  No more Greys or Idol and House Hunters seems to be a whole bunch of reruns lately.  At least I still have The Real Housewives, whew what a hot mess those girls are – especially Danielle, the slightly anorexic phone sex maven.  Oh and exciting news……..True Blood season 2 premiers on July 14th!  If you haven’t watched now is the time, catch up on season 1.  It’s a guilty pleasure of mine, but don’t watch it with your kids….unless you are my parent’s age in which case your kids are probably my age (29ish, yet so young looking).

I need to watch the season premier of Jon and Kate but I just haven’t had the stomach for it yet.  It’s so sad, I can’t even really discuss at the moment.

 Well, it’s plain to see that my life is completely exciting and full of interesting news.








P.S. Can I just say how WRONG it is to be working out, sweating your butt on (in my case), when your husband walks his skinny self in with a bag of fries, nuggets and a giant milk shake.  It’s cruel actually.

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  1. Beth P. permalink
    May 28, 2009 12:02 am

    Mean Chad.
    I actually just watched the first episode (and half of the second) of True Blood today! Crazy coincidence! (While folding laundry….I wasn’t being completely unproductive.) I have to say it was not what I expected and am not completely sure if I like it or not…

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