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I Love Porkys

June 8, 2009



Last night I was trying to remember a time before Tivo, and I couldn’t. Is that bad?


I was watching some really quality TV while I was pondering away about Tivo – Kendra’s new show appropriately titled Kendra (nice). The girl is actually quite amusing and her fiancé seems like such a level headed nice guy…..who will undoubtedly look back at his first marriage and wonder what the heck he was thinking.

This weekend was pretty tame overall. BBQ at our house on Friday with my sister and Aunt, it was so nice we even ate outside (possible in Texas only 5 days of the year). Saturday I spent time with my sister by the pool and then Chad and I drover her home to Sunset, TX. For those of you aren’t familiar with Sunset it’s between here and nowhere about an hour away from Mr. Porky’s beer and wine (which is conveniently located outside the trailer park) and just around the corner from the Taxidermy place. Yeah, it’s pretty country. On the way you can stop at a fruit stand, buy some used hubcaps, get a chicken fried steak and probably a fake id too.

On our way home we decided to go see a movie, The Hangover (just like HeatherBakes and Brian). It was pretty funny, the brother made it all worth while and if you have a somewhat sick sense of humor I highly recommend it. I actually staying up pretty late that night, until midnight (gasp), doing my toes and wearing my sexy blue face mask (it’s Chad’s favorite) OH and I had my big white fluffy robe on too (the one with makeup all over the collar) Chad thinks is just delicious on me. Being married really brings out the vixen in a girl…..he should just be glad I didn’t have in pink sponge rollers.

Sunday we went to the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues, it was good – I could only eat about 4 things since it was mostly fried or bread (AKA, full of gluten). The music was good, a little loud but they put on a good show. Plus it was something different, which is always nice. I had a major headache, since I woke up, so after 4 Excedrin and a large coffee I was pretty wired for the rest of the day….and into the night….and as I slept….when I finally did make it to bed at midnight again. I am running on coffee and Red Bull today (healthy).

So, I have been cheating. The last two weeks I have visited Market Street rather than Tom Thumb. Maybe it’s because it new, hot and full of friendly experts. Or perhaps it’s the Road to Riches contest that I think I am going to win, for some reason, or the fact that they are required to help you to your car (so you don’t feel guilty because they HAVE to). It could also be the gluten free aisle, the little gift shop, or the array of hot food (for quick and affordable lunches). I love Tom Thumb, they are super friendly there but it’s nice to experience something new every once in a while.


P.S. Only 6 more days until the premier of True Blood! And only 5 months until New Moon comes out….which unfortunately coincides with my 30th birthday month. So while Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson enjoy eternal youth and good looks I can glance back at the last 30 years and wonder WHAT HAPPENED and why I never took heed and slathered on some sunscreen.




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