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Bean Dip and Ice Cream

June 9, 2009

I thought I might give you guys a workout update, since you are dying to know. It has officially been 7 weeks since I began my workouts with Angie – which reminds me, for a bubbly blonde she sure is evil. The good news is that working out has almost become a habit. It’s a given that unless I have plans I will be working out after work. It’s also a given that I don’t make plans to be out after work more than once a week so that I CAN workout. And I also get grumpy and cranky when something unforeseen interrupts my workout schedule…in general I don’t like anything unforeseen.

Anyhow, I am on my second circuit, the first one proved to be building a bit too much thigh and butt muscle (nice) and I was struggling to get my pants on (keep your jokes to yourself people). While I feel like the first 4 weeks were spent building muscle I now feel like I am getting more sculpted and slimming down (yeah, since I gained 6 pounds over the last 6 weeks…most people LOSE weight when they start working out and stop eating bread but I guess I am special). My arms are looking great (if I do say so myself) so don’t be surprised when I see you and the first thing I do is show you my guns. Apparently I have lost inches in my back/bust area – great, just where I wanted to lose inches. Sometimes I think I see the beginnings of some abs but it could just be the lighting mixed with wishful thinking. A true six pack may take more time and energy than I am able to devote but just a little definition would be enough for me.

Lately I have been adding in a run after my workout or on my off days. When I say run go ahead and erase the image you have of a professional runner. Not so much. It’s more interval running, so I run for about 4 minutes until I can’t run anymore then I walk, then I run, then I ……well, you get the idea. The purpose is to get my heart rate up. Walking is great but it takes much longer to get the same results so instead I just spend about 30-45 minutes interval running and I am done. Once the 105 temps hit I will probably have to retire this luxury, unless I can get a Life Alert I am afraid Chad might find me one day 4 blocks away passed out on someone’s lawn.

My gluten free diet has been going ok. I found some yummy GF waffles, which was nice since I miss the feel of chewing bread. But I have been unpleasantly surprised to “find” (after the fact of course) that gluten is in foods that it shouldn’t be. Like rice at Mexican restaurants, CokeL , and pre-packaged turkey meat (caramel coloring). It’s pretty amusing looking at the grocery cart now. Chad and I have always eaten differently but now it’s really different:


  1. 3 packs of Cokes
  2. Bean dip and Fritos
  3. TGI Fridays quesadillas
  4. White bread
  5. Ice cream

(And still he remains thin. So. Not. Fair.)


  1. Propel
  2. Gluten free ginger snaps
  3. Apples
  4. Bananas
  5. Lettuce
  6. Chicken
  7. Sushi (I heart Market Street sushi!)


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