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The Game That Wasn’t Meant to Be

June 12, 2009

We were invited to a Ranger game on Wednesday night…..if you live in Texas and were paying attention you know that it probably wasn’t the best night to be outside…..

We left at 4:10, missed our exit and didn’t realize it until 15 minutes down the road.  Turned around only to sit in massive, massive traffic.  Took us 2 whole hours to get to Arlington but since we were still early we decided to eat something outside the ballpark, so we stopped in at Salt Grass.  At this point it looks a little overcast (hindsight chuckle).  I get a call from Dave (our friend with the tickets) saying the game is delayed 30 minutes….then we notice that the trees are bending sideways (hmm, not normal).  We get in the car just in time to see the skies open up and the most severe wind and rain storm.  The radio is saying tornado warnings, hail, pull over, get off the roads….so I call Dave who SWEARS there are clear skies behind the storm and to come on over.  Um, not so much, so after a two hour drive in traffic we turn around and head back in the torrential down pour.  Basically we drove to Arlington to eat at Salt Grass and we didn’t even get steak because we were in a hurry and Chad was looking forward to dollar dog night.


We get home and look out back to see that our patio table is half way across the yard upside down, the umbrella has been snapped in half and the weighted base is almost in the pool.  I run to change after we wrangle the table and mourn the umbrella only to nearly step in a pee spot (compliments of Chewy) at the top of the stairs.  After all that I just want to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey and go to bed but when I turn the TV on Direct TV snidely asks me to reset the box….which takes a minimum of 15 minutes (so annoying).  Ugg, it was NOT the night I had planned but at least we were safe.  We saw about 8 wrecks on the way there and back, one of which was an 18 wheeler on its side.








Chad took this pic on our way home from the game – do you like my shorts?



So, is it just me or does it seem like The Real Housewives New Jersey season went really fast.  They already advertised the season finale?  And something they did this season REALLY annoyed me.  They did that dang preview episode first where they compiled bits from every other episode.  So every single “new” episode I seconded guessed Tivo because I swore I had seen it before.  And I had, only just one or two scenes.  Dear Bravo, keep it simple next time and just have a regular old season premier. 

P.S. I can’t wait to see Theresa’s new rack!  I like her, she is sweet and a good mom who loves her husband.

P.P.S. The fact that they all seem to pay cold hard cash for everything (like movers and plastic surgery) is a bit sketchy.  There has to be something illegal going on there – besides those awful accents.

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