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Chad Goes Off to War…sort of

June 17, 2009

This week started out a little rough, hence the first blog appearing on Wednesday (slacker).  Monday I was sick and Tuesday was extremely busy.  Chad has been busy too.  He has taken a special liking to golf these days and it has consumed a considerable amount of his time, poor thing, he has barely been able to mow the lawn, clean the pool or take out the trash.  Last week he had to put in 4 full rounds plus a few practice sessions, yeah I know, ROUGH.  Last night’s round was particularly grueling because of the heat.  The poor thing came dragging in around 7:45 barely hydrated desperate for a shower and some water…..(INSERT RECORD SCRATCHING NOISE PLEASE).

Yeah, um, so honestly I don’t mind all the golf.  Chad is living the dream right now – working from home, flexible hours, good money, etc.  And yes, I am a little jealous but still I am glad he is super happy.  But my sympathy is non-existent when he comes in from an afternoon of golf acting like he just returned from war.  Golf carts do not equate to tanks or HumVs.  And while I know it’s hot out there in the desolate land of Frisco it’s hardly the real desert…..I don’t believe the real desert offers a cart girl at every other hole or a full on bathroom.  And a Tiger Woods golf shirt and cargo shorts hardly equal fatigues and lace up boots.  But like I said, perhaps I am just jealous. Jealous that I had to wake up at 6:00, shower and look presentable, drive to work, work for 8 hours, drive home in traffic, workout, make myself dinner, clean up the yard……and then crumple with exhaustion on the couch just in time for my hubby to return from war golf.


I only have one thing to say about last night’s season finale of The Real Housewives of NJ (well, probably more than one thing) – Jaquelin is so out of the family.  But the other things that I would say:

  1.  Danielle’s kids are going to be SO messed up – they should just go ahead and pick out their stripper names now.
  2. Theresa’s new, ahem, additions look really good – not at all fake or foreign on her tiny frame.
  3. There is something about Caroline that I really like – or maybe I am just a tad bit scared of her and therefore want her to like me so that she doesn’t send her attack dog or hire hit man after me.
  4. Dina acts like the baby of the family, very helpless and like a victim.  But I like the relationship she has with her daughter, very sweet.
  5. And Theresa’s freak out seemed more alcohol induced than anything, it was sort unintelligible (I couldn’t understand anything she said).

Have a happy Wednesday!


P.S. Don’t tell Chad but I got him these pants to show him how much I support his new love of golf:


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  1. Susan permalink
    June 19, 2009 2:05 pm

    NO comment about seeing a former co-worker on Tuesday and how cool she is….hahahaha

    RHWNJ – Boring overall. Real short season. I am sure the producers realized how boring it is. Do you read their blogs on Sometimes can be real enlighting. Jacqueline had a baby boy on June 11th and Teresa is pregnant and due in Sept. I was good to see you, but you did not show me your guns..Well I did forget to ask..

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