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June 22, 2009

True Blood.  Last night.  Was really, really good.  I just never know what to expect.  I have decided, however, that poor Sookie needs a little makeover.  Last night on her “day off” from the restaurant she had her hair half up in curly tendrils like she was going to prom.  Only she had on plaid shorts, a white shirt and a jean jacket – which is odd because why wear a jean jacket if you are wearing booty shorts.  And really, why wear booty shorts at all?  Unless you are going to a 1995 themed party, then I guess it’s ok. 

I still have Kendra and Denise Richards lined up to watch tonight, I have to stock up on recorded shows so that I don’t get all depressed mid week when HGTV is rerunning the same House Hunters episode for the 95th time and HBO is showing Live Free or Die Hard yet AGAIN (can they not throw in a Steel Magnolias every 5th time or what).

As some of you may or may not know Chad, my dear husband, is obsessed with golf.  And while he does want to fill me in on the details of each game he really “doesn’t care” if I decide to take up the hobby myself or not.  However, he does like the idea of me riding in the cart with him on evenings when he is playing solo.  So I did this, a few weeks ago because he seemed so eager for me to join him (and I hate disappointing him).

I don’t know why he was so surprised or dismayed when I didn’t pay a lick of attention to his golf game.  I mean, HELLO, there are 500 houses, at least 50 dogs, and about 458 bunnies to admire on each hole.  So excuse me for not “watching to see where your ball went” or for disrupting play by announcing “THERE’S A BUNNY (again)!” And might I add that one bathroom along 18 holes is hardly enough to accommodate this young lady.  I also hear that sipping white wine while traveling these 18 holes also might increase one’s need to use the restroom (but that’s just a rumor and a non-issue because they should anticipate these types of things).

Needless to say I have not been invited back (which may or may not have been part of my evil plan).


Just think if I did start playing now this could be me in 40 years:














And this could be Chad -those are some hot shoes!

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