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Not So Funny

June 23, 2009

Last night I balled my eyes out watching Jon and Kate, which should probably be appropriately renamed: Jon minus Kate = very sad and permanently affected 8 kids. Since nobody is really talking about it I think it’s my duty to do so. My overall synopsis: two people who got married young, had lots of kids, got famous and now are two very angry people who have not taken the proper time or measures (i.e. counseling) outside of the public eye to really give it try. In essence they have given up without ever really giving it a go. I don’t understand, people put 10 years into a marriage but won’t give counseling 1 full year? And despite the “peace” they are giving their kids I think it’s really a cop out. It’s not about the kids, it’s about them. Before you jump all over me, I know sometimes divorce is the only option when someone is abusive, destructive, or otherwise bad news and unwilling to change. But from the outside looking in (just like the rest of America) that’s not the case I see with Jon and Kate. And that’s all I have to say about that (today anyway).

Ok, so major news: I am off of sugar for two weeks. Yes, that means Jelly Bellies too, actually, it means ESPECIALLY Jelly Bellies. I am already off complex carbs since I can’t eat bread or pasta or cakes or pies so I just want to see what no sugar does to my system. I hear that it helps you burn more fat, so I will give a full report in two weeks! If I make it that long without hurting someone, yikes, I am like a smoker who goes cold turkey. Meanwhile Chad had a piece of pie after dinner last night and as I was going to sleep he grabbed the container of cheesecake bites and a fresh Coke. Nice.

So, my favorite holiday is coming up! No, not Canada Day. The 4th of July! It has been my favorite holiday ever since Christmas stopped being my favorite holiday, around age 15. Why is this you ask? Well, how could you not love: swimming, BBQing, sparklers, hanging with friends, themed flag décor, getting a day off of work and firework displays. I mean, if you DON’T love all of those things I think it’s time to turn in your American card. So to all of you REAL Americans out there HAPPY EARLY 4TH OF JULY!!!


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  1. June 23, 2009 5:44 pm

    I am completely with you on the Jon and Kate thing. It seems like they gave up on marriage without even trying to fix the problem. So sad!

  2. Susan permalink
    June 24, 2009 12:52 pm

    I think when you belittle a man in public and make him seem worthless, he gives up his job and you nag him all the day long, what man won’t go running to someone who else. Who is wrong? They both are guilty. One spineless – One bully

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