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Pizza Here I come!

June 30, 2009

Yesterday, Monday, was of course grocery day. Feeling ambitious I actually stopped at Sprouts first and then went to Tom Thumb. Sprouts was having a 25% off all gluten free items and I couldn’t pass it up. Tonight I will be making my first ever gluten free pizza, since Chad will be with the guys playing with sticks and small white balls – golf balls people, golf balls (perverts). I couldn’t find the Namaste Sugar Free pizza crust that cousin Jennie recommended so I had to settle for an Asian looking rendition. I will give a full report tomorrow.



I spent the remainder of the evening working out, going for a walk and watching True Blood. Newest mystery – the new clumsy waitress Daphney. She is dumb, slow, and always making mistakes and she has scars on her back that indicate she might be the ox/man creature that attacked Sookie. Which would make sense – dumb and clumsy as an ox (get it). But time will tell. Oh and I am curious as to what exactly is the deal with Marianne. The eye thing reminds me of Heros. And is it just me or does it feel like that preacher wife might come out in a whipped cream bikini at any moment? I keep waiting for something to happen there. They are fishier than day old sushi. Seems more like they are running a camp to find young people with talent that they can profit from than a true service to young leaders.

P.S. If you are thinking of renting Confessions of a Shopaholic….don’t. It was so bad I couldn’t finish it on Sunday night, but then I decided to turn it back on while I worked out yesterday, I needed something mindless. Really. Really. Bad.

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  1. Susan permalink
    July 1, 2009 12:40 pm

    I thought Confessions was cute. Shallow, pointless, but cute.

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