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Sleepy Time

July 1, 2009

I have lots of food reports to give. First and foremost, my gluten free pizza last night was just OK. The organic sauce I used was too sweet for pizza, so if you know of a good marinara let me know. The crust was decent, definitely crispy. I will probably try a different brand next time; hopefully I can find the Namaste Sugar Free crust cousin Jennie raved about.

Second, I wanted sugar last night like never before. I almost caved too because Chad was out playing golf and there I was standing face-to-face with a bag of Swedish fish and nobody to hold me accountable. They were looking me in the eye, calling my name. But I shut door to the pantry and walked away instead (yeah me). My two weeks is up this Saturday, the 4th of July, when I will officially declare my independence from a sugar free lifestyle! And for the occasion I will surround myself with bowls overflowing with sour cherry Jelly Bellies. Oh the bliss.

Third, I discovered a glorious yogurt – Stonyfield Farms Oikos organic Greek honey yogurt. It’s just 120 calories and for someone who hasn’t had refined sugar in 8 days it was HEAVEN. I paired it with a banana and it was practically like dessert, only healthy. I highly recommend it.






Ok so for the last 2 years, after getting married, I have had a difficult time getting a good night’s rest. Not for any interesting or scandalous reasons. No, no. I can fall asleep fine but it’s STAYING asleep that seems to be the problem, I wake up 6 times a night and I am tired the next morning. The culprits: The Dog and The Husband, but mostly The Dog.

It’s not that Chad snores it’s just the fact that when he comes to bed at 2:00 or later I wake up. The dog usually starts the night with me, either by my side under the covers or on the pillow next to me. Then he gravitates towards my feet, then he usually gets up to see what Chad is doing, then on his way back he gallops down the hallway, leaps on to the bench at the foot of the bed and then onto the bed itself. When Chad comes to bed the dog wakes up and starts whimpering and snuggles close to him. Then sometime around 4:00 AM he snuggles directly next to me and presses his legs into my back as he stretches. Around 5:45 AM, right before my alarm goes off, the dog begins taking his morning bath – in my ear. So I awake to the sound of incessant licking and if I am lucky his stride is a bit too long and I get a nice lick on the shoulder to wake me up. Gee, I can’t imagine why I am so tired every morning.

All that said I decided to try Simply Sleep by Tylenol this week, it’s like a Tylenol PM but without the medication (that I don’t need anyway). Sunday night I took one – nothing. Monday night I took two and I thought I was going to pass out before I hit the bedroom. I was so drowsy that it was actually difficult to fall asleep. And I took it a little too late so the next day was foggy. Last night I took one and a half at 8:00. Then I thought it might be a good idea to take a swim. Huh? I felt all loopy like I was on drugs, well technically I was but not the kind that should make you want to jump in a pool when you should be jumping into bed. I am going to try the same dosage tonight and just fight the urge to swim.


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  1. Susan permalink
    July 2, 2009 12:57 pm

    Melatonin…You can get it in 1 mg,3 mg or 5mg. Go for the 1 mg and if one does not work try two pills the next night..extra…extra… Not dopy..not groggy. I took 1 mg for the longest and accidentally bought the 3 mg and I really could not tell the difference. But then i am druggie…

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