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Shame Spiral

July 6, 2009

The title of today’s blog pretty much accurately describes this weekend, at least food wise.  Yesterday was especially awful.  I was tired from the weekend’s activities so I basically didn’t move from the couch all day, except to go to the fridge for more snacks.  Here is a brief overview of our Fourth of July holiday weekend:

Thursday Night: Grocery store, dinner, movie (Transformers), bed.

Friday: Food prep, run, Kaboom Town, shameful late night stop at Wendys, bed (I hear it’s good to eat a frosty before bed, especially if you cut the sugar with some French fries).

Saturday:  More food prep, decorating, complete OCD mode (I may or may not have trimmed the hedges an hour before party time), yell at Chad for not getting the ice and scooping the poop fast enough, Chad yell at me for being a tad bit insane (totally warranted), party time, water volleyball, lots of food, clean up time (for me at least), bed time.

Sunday: eat, do nothing, eat some more (mostly sugar, perhaps another Frosty), watch NYC Prep (my newest reality obsession), watch a recorded episode of The Real World, eat some Jelly Bellies, almost fall asleep, change out the laundry, eat some fruit dip and strawberries (since I worked up an appetite from changing out the laundry), eat some of Chad’s fries, have some ice cream, go into slight sugar coma, awake just in time for more Jelly Bellies, get mad that True Blood is a rerun, watch Hung instead (not that impressed), read my book, fall into a deep guilty sugar induced sleep…..and vow never to swear off sugar for any length of time because apparently the back lash is far worse than a slow steady intake.

Yikes, just typing out the amount of sugar I had scares me.  So yeah, my two weeks with no sugar was officially over on Saturday and boy did I make up for lost time.  My overall synopsis of going without: NOT WORTH IT.  I didn’t lose any weight, didn’t notice any difference in my energy level and was pretty grouchy to boot.  The biggest difference was that I thought about sugar a lot more, and craved it more than I ever do when I know I can have it whenever.  I mean, what sane person licks the icing tops off of cupcakes (and puts them back in the fridge hoping nobody will notice)?


P.S. Transformers was just OK.  Chad and I had high hopes because we loved the first one so much.  I had to roll my eyes at the first scene with Megan Fox (although I noticed Chad was laser focused) come on people, really, honestly (watch the movie and you will see what I mean). 

P.P.S. I highly recommend that you check out NYC Prep, it’s fun to watch.  They have a totally different language, much like The Hills, every other word is “like” or “um” or “yeah” or a combination of the three.  I think it’s quite insane that one young socialite lives in a loft with her 18 year old  brother while their parents live in the Hamptons.  I’m sorry what?   You let your 16 year old live in NYC without you?  I will be so shocked when they have to check her into rehab or become 35 year old grandparents.


The 4th 006









The 4th 005









The 4th 004








I am just not a picture girl so these were all I got!

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  1. July 6, 2009 6:57 pm

    Yeahhh, I may or may not have had an oreo blended frosty on Thursday night. And I might have made Brian drive to 2 different Wendy’s after the one by our house was out of chocolate. Oh man, those are SO GOOD.

    Your partay table looks lovely!

  2. Beth P. permalink
    July 6, 2009 10:37 pm

    I downed a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonalds after Kaboomtown. I refuse to comment on the rest of the weekends intake. I so should have had my “fitness test” at 24 hour on Friday instead of this week.

  3. Jill M permalink
    July 7, 2009 2:52 pm

    One of my favorite meals is a frosty and fries!

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