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It’s Howdy Doody Time

July 7, 2009

Yesterday’s weather was so nice that I decided to go for a run after my workout – and didn’t almost pass out half way in either!  Dinner was a green smoothie and some half salt Vics white popcorn (YUM).  I highly recommend this popcorn, you can have 3 cups for only 130 calories.popcorn

I came home from the grocery store with quite a few little goodies.  One of which was a package of Sunmaid Yogurt Raisins.  120 calories a box, sweet and they posses good snackability (which is so a word).  sunmaid 

I also grabbed an Amy’s Organic Gluten Free Enchilada bowl, previously I had tried the Santa Fe Rice Bowl and was not impressed, but the enchilada was different – very yummy and only 350 calories (which is good for a prepackaged meal that isn’t a Lean Cuisine). 




But don’t think I forgot Mr. Chad, because I totally hooked him up too:

  • Queso

  • TGI Friday’s Spinach Artichoke dip

  • Bagel Bites

  • Deli melt sandwich

  • Dove ice cream bites (assorted)

  • Pringles Pizza Sticks

  • Drumsticks


After working out and eating drinking dinner Chad and I settled in to watch some mindless TV.  Even though we haven’t been watching the Bachelorette all season or since 2006 it was the only thing on (HBO was playing Live Free or Die Hard yet AGAIN, seriously, ENOUGH).  Anyhow, if you watched last night you know the whole Wes saga.  He is now and will forever be known as the only guy to get to the top four WITH A GIRLFRIEND.  Nice.  Now, I can’t remember, why did I stop watching this show??  Hmmm.  It was a special bonus that he is from Texas and dresses like Howdy Toolbag.


Other than that I finished Chasing Harry Winston and feel asleep next to the dog.  Yeah, it was a wild night per usual.

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  1. Beth P. permalink
    July 8, 2009 3:58 am

    Yesterday was a great day for running outside. I dragged Jon with me. Much better than the day he wanted to go a couple of weeks ago and it was over 100 degrees. The track was burning my feet.

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