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Let’s All Go To The Movies

July 13, 2009

That was sort of the theme for this weekend.  Friday night we saw The Proposal, as planned.  Chad was, um, well, unimpressed as is usually the case whenever we see RCs (romantic comedies).  But I was delighted and Elizabeth was too, until she ran out of popcorn and began repeating “Movie over, movie over” less than quietly.  I tried to explain that just because she was finished with her snacks didn’t mean the movie was over…she begged to differ.

The next morning we work up late, well poor Chad had to get up for Real Estate class but Elizabeth, Chewy and I slept until 11:00 (three cheers for sleepy time pills).  Then we had a big breakfast and headed to the second movie of the weekend My Sister’s Keeper.  We met Gigi and Tawna at the snack station.  Dude, Cinemark Tinsletown Plano got a total makeover and for the most part it’s great but the snack station is totally confusing.  I couldn’t tell where lines began, you have to get your own drink now (I guess it’s just too much work for the high school kids to fill a cup) and I had to walk to 3 or 4 different locals juggling popcorn, tickets, drinks and my wallet – rather than just standing at one counter.  I would think that for $20 I could get a little more service than that but I guess everyone is downsizing, cutting people costs and what not.  The movie was good, we laughed, we cried, mostly cried but um the ending was NOT SO MUCH.  If you are going to make a movie from a book and the climax of the book is the ending and you go and change the ending in the movie don’t expect not to hear about it from me!  But I had heard the ending was different before I saw it so I wasn’t shocked, just annoyed.

Post movie we went for a swim, had dinner, hung out, went to bed and then woke up late again (score).  Sunday Jessica made the trip with us back to Sunset, Texas – all the while enjoying my tour guide expertise.  I pointed out Porky’s Beer and Wine located outside the trailer park, the Muslim Cemetery sign written in oddly perky cheerleader bubble letters, the highly secure Jehovah’s Witness church/center, the 15 cops in Decture pulling innocent otherwise law abiding citizens over (bastards), and of course all the colorful restaurants from here to there (Catfish O’Harleys, Armandos Mexican, and our favorite the Hot Skillet – conveniently located next to the Exxon station so you can get a moon pie after you enjoy a chicken fried steak).  But on the way back we made a very necessary pit stop at Mi Cocina for brisket tacos.  OMG, they make my mouth water.

To top off the weekend last night was filled with amazing TV.  Chad and I settled in for True Blood, Hung and (sound the trumpets) Entourage!  Is it weird that I think Eric is the cutest cast member?  He is really short and while I normally like the tall spindly type (case in point: husband) there is something appealing about E’s munchkinness.  Does anyone else remember when he played the dorky brother in Unhappily Ever After?  He has come so far – that poor puppet, I don’t think he ever made it big.


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