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Secret Shopper

July 14, 2009

Have you ever driven from work to the grocery store (a total of about 12 minutes) and emerged from your car soaking wet regretting your choice of a grey shirt that morning?  Me either, but it would be totally feasible considering it’s 108 degrees outside WITH the breeze. 

Yesterday’s grocery store trip was fairly uneventful…that is, until I hit the wine aisle (only browsing of course).  I couldn’t help but notice a GIANT and I do mean GIANT roach admiring the blush wines deciding between Beringer and Yellow Tail.  Ya’ll, roaches rank #1 on my list of GROSS OUT things.  I would rather be surrounded by snakes and spiders than see one measly roach.  And the fact that they can fly makes them even worse, as if the crunch factor weren’t enough.  Anyhow, being at the end of my trip I raced to the checkout line intent of alerting the checker to the issue.  I was expecting a response something like this “Giant roach on aisle 4, roach needs assistance on aisle 4, all associates to aisle 4 please there is a roach EMERGENCY!”  Instead I got blank stares, silence, confused looks and a genius Q&A session beginning with “Like a roach, roach?”  Yes Sherlock, a roach, roach.  Granted both the checker and the bagger were infants, they probably weren’t even allowed on the wine aisle.  But I left feeling not so confident that my next visit wouldn’t reveal a whole family of roaches if those two were in charge.


Yeah, gross huh….not what you want to see when shopping for meat and veggies.

It was so blooming hot yesterday that I couldn’t bear the thought of a run, a walk, jump roping or even my regular workout routine.  Instead I swam laps in the bathtub.  I mean pool.  But the water felt more like a bath.  I did end up doing some arm and abdominal work later, after the sun went down.

Last night I finally made the gluten free cupcake mix I bought a week ago.  I just needed to see if they were any good….and they were!  I was impressed with the flavor and texture, definitely a nice alternative to regular cake.  However, I didn’t realize that the gluten free icing I purchased was also dairy free, nut free and taste free.  The texture was so gross, like toothpaste, that I had to trash it after attempting to ice one poor cupcake:


July14 003

                        This is less than pretty.

 July14 002

Can you tell I don’t usually “food blog?”

Before I sampled my own creation I made a green smoothie for dinner – it was good as always and the massive amount of frozen liquid did a nice job of bringing my body temperature down.

Oh and I watched two recorded shows last night – Denise Richards and Kendra.  They were ok but on the upside House Hunters has been featuring some new episodes FINALLY.  And I went ahead and set a new show to record: Miami Social.  It should be good, another reality gold mine for Bravo.  Also, I was intellectual last night and started a new book: Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall.  It’s really good thus far, and it’s a true story based in Fort Worth.

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  1. Beth P. permalink
    July 14, 2009 9:06 pm

    Jon and I both hate roaches with a passion. I have a phobia of them even though I know they are harmless. I dread the day we ever have one inside the house! (shivers)

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