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July 28, 2009

Where do I begin?  This weekend was a blast, getting out of town is the only way I can truly relax.  After all, there is no dusting, laundry or organizing that I can do in a hotel room. 

Friday night we ate at Hula Hut, it’s right on the lake and so beautiful….but apparently it’s not exactly a secret dinner spot because ½ of Austin was there.  We waiting two hours to be seated and by the time we did we were full of chips and queso.  Next we stopped by some place with a see through dance floor that hovered above a tank with sharks.  I felt bad for the sharks – they spend their lives in a small dark place getting danced on, sort of like a stripper’s pole.  We ended the evening on a rooftop deck overlooking the city, it was beautiful.  At midnight Chad and I’s inner alarm went off and we headed out so that we could be rested for the day ahead.

You know what moves slower than a group of 15 people trying to get up, get dressed, in the car, out of Wal-Mart and eventually in the river?  NOTHING, that’s what.  I think it took 2 hours for the whole process once we got everyone out of the hotel.  Chad almost had a coronary.  But all was made well once we got on the river.  And off we went!  Well, almost, after about 20 minutes of sitting stagnant with 250 other people I decided to take the situation into my own hands.  With friends in tow I began paddling with all the strength in my newly buff arms so that we could make some headway and actually start floating and stop sitting. 

The river was low but we never had to stand up and walk which was good and we didn’t hit any of the major rapids before we had to get off and head back.  Before boarding the bus Chad convinced some poor guy to down the fruit juice left over in a bag of rum soaked fruit.  Yikes, I am just glad the bus ride was short and that I wasn’t riding with “that guy” back home.

The group ended the trip with dinner at TJs, a fab burger joint in Gruene.  I may or may not have enjoyed a burger (no bun of course), French fries and a chocolate shake.  It was a good greasy time had by all.

On Sunday Chad, Beth and I stopped off at Roundrock to peruse the outlet stores.  Chad raked in some golf paraphernalia at Nike and Beth and I had luck at J Crew.  Too bad the Theory outlet wasn’t quite “outlet” enough for us.  Yes I realize that while $150 is great for a tank top previously priced at $270 it’s still a bit ridiculous. 

Here are some pics from the trip (not that I took any, I brought my camera but it won’t fit in my tiny purse along with my phone so I always leave it behind):


(There is a running joke that Chad does….this is it, he grabs someone’s camera and does a close up of himself…hilarious.)


(Gigi and Eric – not pictured Sophia, who was home getting spoiled by the grandparents.)chadandjosh

(Folks, this is Josh, he is kinda special, I won’t elaborate.)thegirls

(Look it’s me the floating head in the back, as usual!)


(Tawna and Matt, Tawna is really shy it’s like pulling teeth to get her to pose.)

Hey, guess what we bought:

 manicure 001

That’s right, gone are the days of anxiety ridden nail clippings for Chewy, now he can relax and get his nails did.    He did so good too, he was so calm:

manicure 005

(Isn’t he precious?  Chad is cute too but Chewy is just adorable (shut up Tawna, he is too))

manicure 006

(We call this Chewy’s pimp nail, it’s scary long and always longer than the others.)

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