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Gnat Cool

August 4, 2009

Have you ever been running, minding your own business, only to have a gnat fly straight up your nose?  Me either but if I had it would have been really gross and I would have tried to blow it out then maybe inhale it, anything to get rid of that feeling in my nose.

So yesterday I did my circuit AND went for a run, yeah me.  It was partially because I knew I was making this for dinner:

 (Pretty yum LOOKING, huh.)JimsWedding&CHewy 014

JimsWedding&CHewy 012

(This was the mix.)



It turned out OK, much better than the premade rice patty crust from last time but hopefully not as good as Namaste will be once I can actually freaking find it at a store.  It was a lot of work, for an OK pizza.  I had to mix the dough, spread it out in a pan, let it rise, and then bake it with the ingredients.  The bread part was very chewable and it had a good texture overall….it was just the taste, it was marginal.  I guess nothing will compare to the real thing.  And I used tomato paste this time instead of sauce, it was a little better but still kind of tangy for my taste.  Chad’s comment, “It’s ok, but it’s missing something.”  Yeah, like WHEAT/GLUTEN.


JimsWedding&CHewy 005

(And for no specific reason at all…this is me and my Mammaw.  She is abotu 4’11 and so cute.  When I stand next to her my rib cage is level with the top of her head.  She likes to introduce me to people like this, “This is my LITTLE granddaughter, hehe, isn’t she pretty.”  Haha, what are people supposed to say that, “Um no, she looks kind of old and like she has been in the sun too much.”  Now that would be funny.  Anyway, just wanted to share her with you guys, I love her LOTS!)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Gigi permalink
    August 4, 2009 8:54 pm

    Awww I love that picture, so sweet!

  2. Susan permalink
    August 5, 2009 12:47 pm

    She doesn’t spoil you does she??

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