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Suprise Suprise!

August 19, 2009

Have you ever bought something new, ripped the tags off, disposed of the bag and slipped it into your closet hoping your husband wouldn’t notice?  Yeah, me neither, that would be wrong and almost like lying.


Yesterday I made an innocent trip to the mall to pick up a zip up jacket and maybe some casual workout/bum around pants.  After being told “No, I am sorry, we don’t carry longs in any of our pants” (story of my dang life) at Dick’s I skipped the sporting goods store and headed to The Gap.

The Gap is hit or miss for me.  Sometimes it’s a boring sea of khaki and jeans and sometimes they have great finds.  Yesterday = great finds.  I picked out a sweater, a button up and a t-shirt.  When I got to the register the sales lady said, “Uh did you realize that all of this is buy one get one free?”  Uh NO I DIDN’T but now that I do I am gonna have to hit the sales floor again– wahoo!  So I got two sweaters, two t-shirts and two regular shirts for the price of one of each….plus it was 10% Tuesday for Gap card members AND I had just received $10 off in the mail for Gap Reward Points.  SURPRISE!  I love a good sale.

Nothing gets me more fired up than saving money on great clothing items, so after my success at The Gap I found myself at Nordstrom (crap, how does that always seem to happen).  This is where I really got in trouble.  I found two pairs of comfy cute Seven jeans…ON SALE, of course, for over ½ off.  So I got two for the price of one (though they are both the same style they are different washes and some unique features…that only a woman would notice):



The jeans just increased my shopping high so I headed downstairs to the shoes hoping for some ballet flats.  Darn it all if I didn’t find some, which is actually a miracle, considering my extremely narrow foot I don’t usually do well with slip on shoes of any kind.  But luckily they had a snakeskin pair with a slight wedge, they are very cute and I couldn’t find a picture on-line anywhere!

So after heading to the mall for a zip up jacket and some pants I leave shamefully carrying three bags of goodies.   Oops.


P.S. Does anyone watch Miami Social?  Did you see last night’s episode?  I assume it was the season finale because the ending scenes were OH SO LAME and staged and embarrassingly “dramatic”!

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  1. Gigi permalink
    August 19, 2009 8:13 pm

    Um are her jeans tight rolled? Are you going to sport this trend as well? If so we can’t hang, no ma’am I don’t want to relive the 80’s.

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