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Ponder This

August 20, 2009

There are some concepts in life that still evade me, the most obvious being algebra.  Thank goodness all of my math teachers LIED, I actually DON’T need to know it to get by in life.  My handy dandy calculator works just fine for the basic math I need to get through the day.  And if a job were to require algebra I probably wouldn’t apply for it anyway.

Another baffling concept: If the English and the French and all other individuals from foreign nations (and Wisconsin) have accents then what do we have?  Are we simply void of an accent or do we just not hear it in our own heads?  Think about it and please inform me if you know the answer.

A third actually came to mind today.  Why can’t we have Canadian style healthcare for everyday preventative stuff and American healthcare for important surgeries and what not?  You know, like a blended system.  Because at this point even those WITH healthcare hold off of important checkups because co-pays are so danged expensive (and don’t get me started on my miniature eye drops that cost $85).  And yet, I don’t want to wait 8 years for a kidney transplant either.  So someone much smarter than me should figure out how that could work and make it so. Come on, snap, snap.

So I know it seems like I sit around and ponder the keys to the universe all day (mostly on commercial breaks) but I actually don’t.  Last night I spent the remainder of the evening reading The Time Traveler’s Wife.  While reading Chewy snuggled in between Chad and I to take nap number 14 before he retired to bed with me.  I guess being 12 years old is quite exhausting. 

Tonight is Green Smoothie night, don’t be jealous I know I lead and exicting life.

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