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Vacuuming Sucks, or in our case it doesn’t

September 1, 2009

Last night I cleaned house, we were LONG overdue.  While it might have appeared clean to the naked male…eye, of course, the naked male eye… was not.  After hours of scrubbing toilets, bathtubs, and dusting every solid surface I was ready to vacuum.  But I had to wait because Chad was still working.  At 7:30 I was kind of ready to be done and have some R&R so Chad shouted from behind his closed door that he would vacuum later.  Cool. 

When he finally emerged and came downstairs to begin he looked at me and ask, “So what’s all this for?”  I replied, “Oh you mean cleaning, um, well it’s time, it hasn’t been cleaned (like with product) since July 4th.”  To which he replied, “Oh.  Well, it looks clean.”  Right.  Forget the fact that Chewy attracts dust balls full of dirt and hair everywhere he goes, like his own little fan club.  Never mind that the gray dresser in the guest room is actually black, or it was before an inch of dust settled on it.  And showers stay wet all the time so they must be clean, naturally.  Sigh.  Oh the freedom that men must experience, just being men.

Speaking of cleaning, we have been using a mostly broken vacuum cleaner for the last few months.  It doesn’t pick anything up and it barely even makes the coveted carpet marks.  Mostly it just serves as a formality to the whole cleaning process, a symbolic final step if you will.  So when my grandparents were moving I took the opportunity to confiscate a rather old looking Panasonic vacuum, mostly because during a test run it picked up the visible carpet lint which automatically put it steps above our existing.  Last night was our first try.  Um, while it worked and made our carpet look brand new we couldn’t help but notice the foul, and I do mean fowl smell.  It was sort of like a feet/dog smell, a hybrid of the two.  I think it’s mostly just old or something.  So if we were to purchase a new vacuum cleaner does anyone have any suggestions?  Assuming we don’t want to refinance our home just to get a Dyson.

As you can tell our night was chalked full of excitement…after all, I am almost 30 and Chad is darned near 32.  What do you expect.


P.S. Only 2 ½ more days before I head to Washington!!!  And before Chad embarks on his weekend of golf and fantasy football indulgence.

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