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Slugs and Makeup-less mugs

September 8, 2009

This morning was rough.  As I drove to work at 7:15 (5:15 Washington time) I stared blankly at the vanity license plates securely fastened to their Lexus’, BMWs or giant Escalades wondering who on earth has the time or desire to get cutesy plates that nobody understands.  Vanity plates, expensive cars with shiny wheels and a fresh wax job, a high of 95, miles and miles of concrete with a Starbucks on every corner…ugg.  Sigh.  I left this:

WashingtonTrip 039

 For all of that.  Booo.  The only thing Washington needed to make me stay forever was Chad and Chewy….and a monthly visit from all my friends and family.  Crap.  So yeah, it’s probably not going to happen that Chad and I move to Washington, but it sure was a wonderful place to visit.  I probably took entirely too many pictures of trees and rocks, but I had to if I was going to remember what they looked like after I got home.

We did everything I wanted to do; Wine tasting on day one, with a little souvenir purchase of 6 bottles to be shipped home (What.  Quit judging me, it’s not like I am going to drink them all at once.).  River rafting on day two, you might notice there are no pictures of me in my wet suit.  For good reason.  Turns out neoprene is NOT HOT, nor were the matching booties, helmet and life vest (although all very necessary).  Halfway through at Housom Falls we all were given the choice to either ride the falls or safely walk around.  Can you guess which I chose?  If not then you haven’t been paying attention.  “Yeah, I will just walk around thank you very much.”  Don’t think I am a chicken, I am so not, but after 30 minutes of, “Yeah, we have had 25 ‘swimmers’ this year, lots of broken noses, torn ligaments, and you could be caught in the falls for up to 10 minutes.” I eagerly declined the opportunity. 

Day three presented a 7 mile hike in the drizzle and cold.  But it was so awesome.  Like nothing I have ever seen before.  While we didn’t see any wild animals (unless you count these slugs:

 WashingtonTrip 031

WashingtonTrip 058

WashingtonTrip 056

) Blake gave me the run through of what to do when you encounter a bear vs. a mountain lion.  And there is a difference ya’ll.  Day four we went on another hike, although not nearly as long, to BZ Falls:

 WashingtonTrip 062

Afterwards we headed to the BZ Mart to pick up some scrumptious snacks…although we could have picked up much more than that:

  1.  Bullets

  2. A white tiger sculpture

  3. The VHS of Jungle Fever (on sale no less)

  4. Canning materials for food preservation

  5. An array of fried foods spinning on heated rollers

  6. A Blue Ribbon 40 OZ

  7. And sausage sticks

The BZ Mart had it all!

Every evening we Julie made a delicious gluten free dish with ingredients from her garden like homemade tomato sauce, pesto, squash and eggplant.  Plus we picked up an actual FRESH salmon from some Native Americans on the side of the ride.  Did you know that fresh fish has bones in it?  Yeah, for real.  So that left me to wonder who does all the bone picking of the fish I buy at Tom Thumb or order at The Olive Garden?  Gosh, real food is a lot of work.  But man can you taste the difference.

After our gourmet meals we drank wine, well I drank wine and they drank beer, but someone else HAD to have been drinking the wine because when I left there were like 4 bottles on the porch waiting to be recycled.  Hmm, it’s a mystery, but there are a lot of wild animals in the area I am sure one of them is responsible.  Plus I saw their dog Hank eyeing my chardonnay.  Anyway, we enjoyed some beverages and sat outside watching the moon rise over the trees, looking at the stars and just taking in their beautiful meadow:

 WashingtonTrip 021

This might be TMI but I even peed outside, once, it was so outdoorsy of me.  And to continue to fit in I went makeup-less most of the time, it was very freeing.  Women don’t wear much makeup there, it’s such a change from Dallas.  HELLO, this is your average Dallas woman:


So I had a magnificent time, truly.  I am already missing my temporary home with Julie and Blake and their animals Hank, Boo, Moment and Wally (Chewy had lots of smells to investigate when I got home).

WashingtonTrip 059

(It’s Schmulie and Schmatherine.)

WashingtonTrip 082

(This is me at Maltanoma Falls on my last day…I kept calling it Melanoma Falls.)

WashingtonTrip 054

(Julie and Blake on our hike.)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Beth P. permalink
    September 9, 2009 1:11 am

    I’m glad you had a good time! We missed you though!

  2. Beth S. permalink
    September 9, 2009 1:40 am

    Looks like you had a blast. Can’t wait to hear about it Thursday, and I want to see pictures:)

  3. Gigi permalink
    September 10, 2009 4:28 pm

    Wow, the pictures are beautiful and so are you with or without make-up.

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