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Rainy Weekend

September 14, 2009

While I am not opposed to a rainy day I am opposed to three consecutive weekend days full of a steady uneventful drizzle.  It’s downright depressing.

Friday night we decided to brave the drizzle and celebrate our anniversary at Coast, in The Shops at Legacy.  It was yummy, moderately priced, and I enjoyed the elegant yet casual atmosphere.  I had the salmon with mango salsa while Chad has the red snapper.  Their wine servings were, ahem, a little chincy.  What am I 18?  Come on people give me a REAL glass of wine, not some “taster” serving.  Honestly, if this is a result of the down economy I just have one thing to say: in times of financial turmoil it is important to keep the general public pumped full of boos.  Nobody wants a sober angry mob forming.

Saturday I ran tons of errands, one of which was to Walgreens to print some photos.  I have this thing about printing pictures, I don’t do it.  I don’t know why exactly but I think it’s similar to the reason why I don’t like to download songs to iTunes – I am just too dang impatient and there are tons of other things I would rather be doing.  But I suffered through the process because I really wanted some of my Washington pics.

Next I found myself at the mall.  I had a specific purpose and really tried to stay on task but alas, I remembered that Restoration Hardware was closing (and moving) so I had to stop in.  They carry a cucumber mint soap and lotion that I am in love with!  Much to my delight they had a giant refill of hand soap, a lamp shade I have been searching for, and some soap dispensers.  I bought soap dispenses when we got married for our guest bathrooms.  They seemed nice enough, but just a few months later the lids started to rust so that when you pumped out some soap little flakes of rust would also appear.  Gross.  Anyway, the newer models from RH were originally $46 each.  UM EXCUSE ME, they had better be the best dang soap dispenses made and last me for the rest of my life.  Luckily they were 60% off, otherwise I would never have purchased them.  Chad said he might have purchased them anyway because he has no idea how much stuff like that should cost.  Note to self: Do not send Chad to purchase anything other than clothing….for himself.

Back to my specific purpose for the mall trip; I had to exchange a few items that my dear sweet husband bought me for our anniversary.  The two year mark is apparently the cotton anniversary.  So that narrowed it down to sheets or clothing and since we just bought new sheets both Chad and I opted for clothing.  He surprised me with a new robe, matching slippers and some lounge pants from Victoria’s Secret.  I am sure it’s quite daunting for a man to buy his wife clothing.  There is the whole size decision on top of just general taste and style.  Like a wise man he opted to get the smaller size, just to be safe.  While it’s nice to imagine wearing a size small shoe of any kind it’s simply not realistic, hello – I am 5’8 ½ I would fall forward with a size 7 foot.  And the pants, while not completely out of the question, were just a little snug and short.  That’s another issue with being over 5’7, you have to go up a size to avoid looking like you are prepping for the flood with ankle length pants.  Anyway, enough about me……oh wait, no it’s not. 

Saturday night I made a special dessert to celebrate our anniversary:

 bananapudding 001


And for me, a gluten free version – basically just pudding and bananas:

 bananapudding 002

 If anyone needs a banana pudding fix just head on over because there is no way Chad will eat all of that by himself.


P.S. I have decided that the way to stay thin is to simple “nibble” and “sip” on things.  I know this because whenever they go behind the scenes of a magazine shoot with a celebrity they say:

Arrived in: Prada jeans, Gucci top and Jimmy Choo heels

Hometown: St. Louis

Lunch: NIBBLED on fried onion rings, cheese, veggie burger and SIPPED a diet Coke while dancing to Nelly Furtado and M&M.

(See you can eat whatever you want if you just nibble and sip.)

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  1. September 15, 2009 3:58 pm

    I want that banana pudding. Now.

    So true about the magazine articles- in Lucky this month it says that Kristen Bell chowed down on a chocolate lava cake on the shoot. Pssshhhh.

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