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Food and Crafts

October 7, 2009

This morning as I reviewed my check register I came to the conclusion that I spend entirely too much money at craft stores and restaurants.  While I bring my lunch to work and cook during the week the 2-3 times per week that I have lunch or dinner with a friend seem to really add up.  Perhaps it’s the glasses of wine though, because my meals are usually $8-$10 and the wine bill might be $16.  Well, if they wouldn’t charge so dang much for a Beringer chardonnay then maybe I could save some darn money, I could buy two bottles for what they charge for two glasses (it’s morally wrong if you ask me). 

The craft store bill is another story.  The problem is each craft store has different specials at different times so I am never quite sure which one to visit.  Michael’s has good prices on wooden letters, but a bad selection.  JoAnne’s is expensive but they have a great selection, and Hobby Lobby has great sales all the time on something but it’s far from my house and closed on Sundays.  And when I say far I mean more than 4 minutes, because everything is 4 minutes or less in Frisco (except Hobby Lobby….and Nordstrom Rack).   Yesterday I got a craft idea and decided to stop on my way home, which was my 3 trip this week.  I am starting to feel a bit like an alcoholic visiting the liquor store, so had to try a new location, so as not to be recognized.  Would you believe that Michael’s is now selling birth control?  They are, I swear.  This woman and her two kids were in line and the kids were running all over the store like mad people bringing her every little piece of junk they could find and begging her to buy it for them.  By the time they left she had the “I’m serious this time” mom-tone, “Tell your sister we ARE LEAVING.  Right now.  I am so DONE.”  That’s all I needed to hear.

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