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Cotton Candy Mixes Well With Nachos

October 12, 2009

Yesterday I broke my two year streak and finally made it to The Fair (The Fair – that’s a proper name right, it should be capitalized).  Jess and I headed out there, with the aid of the Garmina, and braved the cold and overcast skies.  I believe the weather report and Chad both promised for NO RAIN however it eventually showed up and forced us home a little early.  But we were able to enjoy just enough to leave us wanting more.  We started with nachos, then had cotton candy, then Jack’s fries, then we bought these tiny tastes of wine (as the glasses were 13 tickets, talk about inflation), and we finished off the debauchery with a pretzel.  We split everything though so really I only had half of all of the above, not too bad (right?).

We watched a dog show (yawn), watched people, watched people with food, I wasted $10 on some midway games (what a scam), Jessica contemplated letting one of the carnies guess her age (but decided against it being that she didn’t really need an inflatable sword anyhow), we looked at the barnyard animals (Jessica was really leery of the ostrich and I kept me eye on the camel, sketchy), waited in line for the bathroom, watched more people, and then the rain came so we RAN back to the car.

It was a good day had by all.  Oh, and Chad watched football.  All.  Day.  I am pretty sure Chewy slept all day either in our bed, under the guest bed, or in Chad’s man room. 

(Here we are, we were going to ask someone to take our picture…but um after surveying our options we decided it best to take our own photo.)



The Fair 008

(Here we are again….oh wait, no that’s not us, those are some other pigs.)

The Fair 004

P.S. On Friday I finished up some letters for Sophia’s playroom:

 The Fair 002


P.P.S. This picture is from a while ago, but it’s too cute not to share (he is such an angel):

Stool&Pumpkins 001

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