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Thanks For The Tip

April 25, 2010

This weekend I wasn’t feeling so hot so I headed to Walgreens to stock up on the “I Don’t Feel Good” essentials.  If you don’t know, that would include OTC store brand meds (hello you can save so much money using Walquil and it’s the exact same as its counterpart), an over-salted and processed canned soup, and 1-2 magazines (key for a quick recovery).  One of my two magazines was May’s InStyle, AKA the fashion bible.  If Vogue or Harper’s is your fashion bible then you are too rich for my blood and way out of my league.  Anywho, around page 195 I see an ad for a sugar free gum.  Chewers of this gum have been shown to have reduced cravings for snacks.  This sounds eerily familiar to the cereal that, if eaten at breakfast and lunch and combined with a sensible dinner can help you lose pounds.  Really.  DUH is all I have to say. If I were to replace entire meals with a banana and not snack in between and then have a healthy dinner of course I would lose weight.  I could probably replace each meal with one Snicker’s bar and lose weight.  The key isn’t in the replacement itself it’s in the cutting out of a balanced meal and extra snacking.  So yeah, if I chew this gum rather than eat dinner I will probably lose weight.  Way to go geniuses – way to promote unnatural sweeteners that will prove, without a doubt, to cause cancer and other issues eventually.

So clearly my sore throat is making me grumpy but may I also point out another societal ill.  Sun screen is expensive.  I believe a small bottle of generic sunscreen like Schmuetrogena is around $9 whereas cigarettes level out around $7.  What does that say to the world?  All day long the news is shouting the evils of the sun and the need to protect except it’s cheaper to buy a pack of cigs than a small bottle of sun screen.  That. Is. Wrong.  And that’s all I have for today.

P.S. If I want to subscribe to a magazine I will.  I don’t need 34 cardboard flyers offering me a subscription to help decide.

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