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Hot Yoga (Insert tune from Hot Blooded)

May 4, 2010

Last night I spent a good 20 minutes playing hide and go seek with the dog.  Is that lame?  Don’t answer that.  Mostly I do the hiding and Chewy does the finding.  But don’t worry I am not a total loser I also went to the grocery store (as I do every Monday), the dry cleaners, did some laundry, looked through old pictures and longed for my younger years.  Oh God.  I am lame.  Crap.

In an attempt to not be so old and lame I will be attending a hot yoga class this evening.  It’s apparently very hot, as in 98 degrees.  And I hear you sweat buckets and come out drenched.  Wait, why am I going again?  Oh yeah, to be less old and mushy.  Because as it turns out couch riding, while a perfectly legitimate sport, does not provide any muscle toning benefits.  I will be sure to update you on the outcome of hot yoga.  If my sore arm from playing Wii tennis last night is any indication I have a feeling I won’t be able to move tomorrow.

Maybe I will look like this after class?

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