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Get Real

May 11, 2010

Is Red# 40 found in nature? Is there a Red# 40 plant somewhere in the desert? Or maybe the rainforest? I’m just wondering because it appears to be a in a lot of the things that Chad eats. Maybe we could save money if I planted a Red# 40 garden, then I could harvest it and make Chad’s delicious snacks myself.

While on the subject of things NOT found in nature I would like to take a moment to step up onto my organic soap box. People. Let’s get real. I mean, let’s start eating REAL food. The kind with 1-2 ingredients. You know, the kind that cannot live on a shelf for 8 years (that’s right Twinkies I am talking to you). A few years ago I stopped inhaling Diet Coke and indulging in sugar free ice cream. I also put the kibosh on Splenda, which until then was thought to be a good alternative to the little packets of pink poison. Then I found out it was originally a pesticide that they discovered also tasted sweet. Um yeah, pretty sure that doesn’t sound ok.

Listen, I am not saying that I eat perfectly all the time – I mean, HELLO, I keep Haribo and Jelly Belly in business. But I will say that all of my indulgences are in REAL sugar. That lifestyle change plus my gluten free diet (which I am still a bit bitter about sometimes) have done amazing things for my overall health. And I would just like to encourage everyone to do the same!

Yes, I know, I can sense you all rolling your eyes as you pop open a can of Diet Fanta and dig into a bag of Doritos with no transfats (but 34 ingredients, one of them being Red# 40 and the others being un-pronounceable). So I say to you – go ahead enjoy your incredibly complicated snacks with extraordinarily long shelf lives. Just do not be surprised when your shelf life is not as long.

This is why Chad is no longer allowed at Tom Thumb by himself.

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  1. Beth Potter permalink
    May 11, 2010 2:22 am

    Stop knocking my Splenda!! 😉

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